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Дестинации наблизо

Beli Osam - 3.8 km от Gorno Trape
18 места за настаняване
Troyan - 8.2 km от Gorno Trape
67 места за настаняване
Shipkovo - 8.5 km от Gorno Trape
30 места за настаняване
Chiflik, Troyan - 11.1 km от Gorno Trape
24 места за настаняване

Guest House Vila Kolor
Gorno Trape, ul.Stara planina № 2

Guest House Vila Kolor
Villa Colour, renewed in 1999, is situated in the beginning of a small quiet village near the mountain river Beli Osam, only 10 kilometers away from the center of Troyan, 450 m. above sea level in the northern foot of the Balkan...

Family House Azareiya
Gorno Trape, ...

Family House Azareiya
Welcome to the holiday village Azareiya! Provide environmental six guest houses for your healthy recreation. Azareiya a Thracian name of the constellation "Ursa Major" form in places where the holiday village was built, like the...

Guest House Family Sport
Gorno Trape, ...

Guest House Family Sport
8 km from the central part of Troyan in the village of Gorno Trape is guest house "FAMILY SPORT". The house is nestled among the greenery, offers a modern atmosphere and many amenities for recreation throughout the year. The guests...


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Интересни места
в района на Gorno Trape

Hiking Trail to the sacred peak of the Thracians
9 km
Exhibition of arts and crafts
15.4 km
Troyan Monastery
18.3 km
Natural History Museum - Cherni Osam
21 km
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