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Village Zabernovo enter into the territory of the park Strandzha.To is located in the heart of Strandja Mountain open southern slope descending from the Bosnian was the valley of the River Veleka.Razstoyanieto of Bourgas is about 62 km, 5 km south of Bosnia main road - Vizitsa - Papazova levels, 44 km from the town of Malko Tarnovo and 61 km from Burgas;
Old name of the village is Zaborna - Thracian linguistic root "berna" - "a full, abundant."
Situated at the foot of the ridge Bosnia - Ugrash. Ugrashkoto hill is Strandzha dividing line between the rivers and Dudenovska Zelenikovska (north), Oryashka (east), and Stramnitsa Zaberska (south). Ugrash is acknowledged haidouk gathering, which met detachments of Strandja famous chieftains, among them the leader countries.
In the vicinity of Ceuta has many Thracian and ancient monuments - dolmens of the X century BC and mound necropolis. 4 km southeast of Zabernovo, turning the river Stramnitsa are located the remains of early Byzantine fortress. In Rupite noticed traces of metallurgical activities. According to Goro Gorov near Zabernovo to XIV century monastery is located PARORIAN complex Gregory of Sinai, founder of Hesychasm.
It is the birthplace of the popular in the early twentieth century children's writer Santa Blago (Stoyan Rusev) and the most famous folklorist and Strandja kraevedi Goro Gorov.
Sights in the village:
1. "St. Luke "
The oldest surviving village church inside Strandja. Dating from the seventeenth century monument. Low, almost half dug into the ground. The walls are built of stone blocks. The apse is decorated on the outside with brick ornament "wolf tooth" and travertine block even embossed cross. In the altar area were built five niches, such as the middle is a round window with a grid of two crossed sticks. Open chamber and entrance to school is of later construction period (nineteenth century). Today the room, type of school, was reconstructed and adapted for tourist visits.
2. Chapel "St. Petka "- located 5 km northwest of the village. It was built in 1869 in a place which is supposed to have existed in medieval monastery of the same name.; Chapel "St. George "- located about 2 km south of the village. At the altar was built plaque with an image of the Thracian horseman. Chapel "St. Spirit "- 1 km east of Zabernovo, next to the dolmen; Chapel" St. Marina "- the remains of a chapel, situated on a steep and difficult terrain, which is believed to be serving as a place of punishment of monks from a monastery in Strandja PARORIAN if you happen to commit a sin.
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Guest House Stranopriemnicata
Zabernovo, ...

Guest House Stranopriemnicata
Guest House "STRANOPRIEMNITSA" is located in the heart of the Strandja Mountain, in the village of Zabernovo. Here you will find the tranquility and coziness of the Strandzha country houses, combined with the comforts of the present, where...

Guest House Bahaturov han
Zabernovo, obshtina Malko Tyrnovo

Guest House Bahaturov han
The house is located in the heart of Strandja Mountain and has 9 rooms each with separate bathroom, there is a tavern with a large capacity and a shelter with a fireplace. Residents of the village have preserved a characteristic Zabernovo...



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