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Fountain "Fountain of White-legged"

Author: Д. Колева, 03.07.2012
Fountain "Fountain of White-legged", Picture
Fountain "Fountain of White-legged", Picture 1

   On the east exit toward Harmanlii Svilengrad is a fountain, marble stairs lead to it, clear water flowing from the spout and touch me rock you'll hear groans of fatigue "masons", which have built up, sit you hear the noise of leaves in the water song, a story about a beautiful Bulgarian wonder, of love and evil omen. "Spring of the White-legged" - hardly a Bulgarian who has not heard of this fountain, sung in Slaveikova poem. Built in the end of the XVI century Siavyush grazing and is still preserved one of the carved stones, which is the year of construction 1585 Around the fountain lies a beautiful but sad story, which Slaveykov was fascinated and inspired to your title work. Once in the nearby village lived a beautiful girl wonder, but one day she withered and old. Gergana white skin as snow, hair black as night, in love with the most beautiful and courageous young man in the village, happy and smiling, good and industrious. An early morning went to the spring to fetch water, but met her fate with the Turkish Vizier who wants to take her with him. True to her lover, Gergana refused, but the price of freedom is high. Vizier in its place the spring to build a fountain, a shadow of Gergana be walled up in her. So the order was filled and beautiful girl started fading and soon died. Stricken by grief Nicholas disappears. Nobody knows nothing about ecstasy. Only sometimes at night from the tap is the saddest song of the flute of Nicolas honeymoon. And in the clear moonlight is seen sitting Gergana, stooped her head to cry.

  In old descriptions ahead of time, the fountain was impressive with twelve trays, three spout and unique for its time it was arhitektura.Okolo marble columns and three stones with inscriptions. Today the remaining two spouts, one bed and one of the inscriptions, as well as marble on which is engraved a quote from a poem by Slaveikov. Statue of White-legged Gergana stares at passersby and invites them seemed to be paused to sip from its history, had lived for centuries in memory of the people and the whisper of flowing water.

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