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Apartment Ilich

Veliko Tarnovo, ., GPS координати: N 43.0779416    E 25.6282215
Apartment Ilich, Veliko Tarnovo, снимка
Apartment Ilich, Veliko Tarnovo, снимка 1Apartment Ilich, Veliko Tarnovo, снимка 2Apartment Ilich, Veliko Tarnovo, снимка 3Apartment Ilich, Veliko Tarnovo, снимка 4Apartment Ilich, Veliko Tarnovo, снимка 5Apartment Ilich, Veliko Tarnovo, снимка 6Apartment Ilich, Veliko Tarnovo, снимка 7
Apartment Ilich, Veliko Tarnovo, снимка 8

Available for use at a monthly rent two apartments located in the city of Veliko Tarnovo.

One apartment is located 3-5 m away from the city center and cooperative market, with sizes from 108 m2, attic of 31 square meters and a cellar of 19 m2 The apartment has a living room with terrace and kitchen, furnished 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms equipped. The building where the apartment is located, has a door that locks, with an option for Internet, television, and parking. There may be rented separate rooms with shared bathrooms and living room.

The second apartment is located on boulevard "Bulgaria" with an area of ​​46.8 square meters Living room, kitchen / equipment / terrace, bedroom, bathroom, basement of 3.9 m2 The building has an elevator, entrance door locks, choice of cable provider for television and Internet., Parking.

Business facilities

 аir conditioning
 coffee machine

Location facilities

ROOMS.BG recommends you to get in touch with the hotel for current prices and conditions.

Изгодни оферти

Family House Lucky

2 days за 180.00 лв.
Guest House Tarnovski dom

1 day за 24.00 лв.
House Wondrous

1 day за 90.00 лв.
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