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Pazardjik - 44.9 km от Velingrad
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Accommodation / room Kydreevi
Velingrad, ul. "Vladimir Maqkovski" 3

Accommodation / room Uyutni Kvartiri
Velingrad, 7, Pushkin, Str.

Accommodation / room Uyutni Kvartiri
If you choose to stay in Velingrad, visit us at - ACCOMMODATIONS cozy! We have two double rooms and one triple room. The house is located in the central part of the city - district "Ladzhene" a - less than ten minutes walk to...

Accommodation / room Centar
Velingrad, 206, Saedinenie Bulv.

Accommodation / room Centar
For guests of the spa resort of Velingrad offer accommodation and necessary amenities for rest in cozy rooms - the "Center"! All rooms are located on the top floor of a new building in a quiet area in the heart of the town. To...

Accommodation / room Kamenitsa
Velingrad, kv. Kamenitsa

Accommodation / room Kamenitsa
Enjoy a relaxing and - a pleasant family holiday or relaxing with friends in the spa resort of Velingrad We offer comfort and excellent facilities Accommodation - Kamenica! Has a capacity of 9 beds, the house is located about...

Accommodation / room By Gosho
Velingrad, №110, Han Asparuh, Str.

Accommodation / room By Gosho
Welcome to the completely separate rooms "AT Gosho"! It offers accommodation in rooms in the peaceful resort of Velingrad. The building is located about ten minutes from the downtown area near the hotel "Elbrus". Rooms are...

Accommodation / room Stai za pochivka
Velingrad, 26, Gotse Delchev, str

Accommodation / room Stai za pochivka
We offer excellent facilities and excellent accommodation in comfortable rest rooms in the resort town of Velingrad. Rest rooms are located in a completely separate and heating in the bedrooms. We offer - two cozy double rooms...

Accommodation / room Katrin
Velingrad, St.Dospevski str. 1

Accommodation / room Katrin
Catherine Family accommodation is located in center of the town. Massive two-storey building is adjacent to three mineral beach and tennis - courts, a beautiful park, cafes, restaurants and shops. Mountain areas "Gergely" and...


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Guest House Velevi

1 day за 15.00 лв.
Guest House Stelia

1 day за 98.00 лв.

Интересни места
в района на Velingrad

Lake Kleptuza - Velingrad
377 metres
Central Mineral beach in Velingrad
621 metres
Historical Museum - Velingrad
2.2 km
Cave Lepenitsa- Velingrad
12.6 km
виж всички 10 места близо до Velingrad

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