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Villa / house Kibelа

Krapets, ..., GPS coordinates: N 43.6238733    E 28.5670480
Villa / house Kibelа, Krapets, снимка
Villa / house Kibelа, Krapets, снимка 1Villa / house Kibelа, Krapets, снимка 2Villa / house Kibelа, Krapets, снимка 3Villa / house Kibelа, Krapets, снимка 4Villa / house Kibelа, Krapets, снимка 5Villa / house Kibelа, Krapets, снимка 6Villa / house Kibelа, Krapets, снимка 7
Villa / house Kibelа, Krapets, снимка 8Villa / house Kibelа, Krapets, снимка 9

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Villa "Cybele" e is located in sec. Krapets media iznenadvascho beautiful place with unikalna Kultura and shranena nature. Sgradata e new, on a floor; Miasto for storage and kschata vtre in the shed to the swimming pool. Imam spacious yard with many flowers and greenery Area, suitable for Pochivka and detsa; closed garage and parking.

Predlagame Wee kitchen bazirana on organic and home-manufactured product, without a "date to date", without zamrazyavane, koeto oznachava, Th ce servirat Presnya. Midite and behold rapanite servirat in denya in Coit self izvadeni of Moret. Ribat e season sscho pryasno catch from local ribari. Mesoto, yaytsata and Kokoschka self otglezhdani Home Page, in particular stopanstva bevel. Zelenchutsite and plodovete - from your own backyard, without chemically stimulatori.

Bu Sche osigurim vzmozhnosti a lot of fun and Memory Games, somehow for detsata taka and for vzrastnite at Plage, Kato chetvoren volleyball, "Trsene on skrovische", etc. Imam avtentichen carriages for razhodki to local zabelezhitelnosti.

Nablizo cross namirat objec to UNESCO and zaschiteni territory. Durankulashko Shablensko and Ezer. Eco-pteki. Bolat, Yailata, Dlboka, Kaliakra. Delphine and izumitelno variety of ribi, birds, animals and colors. A charming cliffs, secret caves, pristine bezkrayni plazhove and dunes, 22% of pyastsite on Blgariya.

Uchudvaschi archaeologically otkritiya with prescription 7000 Godin. Dobrudzhanskata Troy? Lyubopitni ritual. Inexorably useschane for prebivavane ago vremeto vv. In other saints.

Hiking: A Journey Back in Ethno Time and Kibela Destinations, riding koloezdene, watching the birds, gmurkane and underwater archeology, and srf ribolov. Concerts, festivals and izlozhbi.

Cozy evening under a huge star and noschi with silence, Koyata ce sack. Ugazhdaschi udovolstviya in the comforts of home. Different, a lot of delicious food - and poznata nepoznata.

Vpechatlyavascho prekarvane on pochivni days and praznichni sbitiya. Chasovete smisl ruin. Needless to reduvaneto svetlinata and tmninata.

Stimulirascho e da ce namirat business solutions in the media Wednesday by the Board of osvezhavascha and friends. Strest on ezhednevieto of nyama. All are important to e does not work and poignantly kakvo pechelim and B as prekarvame svobodnoto time.

Doplnitelni Extra:

At the villa guests svoite "Cybele" offering barbecue, fireplace, hailstone, kitchen, internet, phone, sauna, pool 6H12 meters, 1.60m dlbok, children's pool, a twin, Excursion, of fun, Partita ...


Vilata razpolaga with 5 twin pack, apartment and 1 unit pack. Golem, easy lay, italianski design, luxuriously Bello, bath with vani seshoari, klimatitsi, vsichki pack with self yugoiztochno statement. Two full-time and the golem room for music will, Film, seminars, entertainment.

Appreciate Ca depends on the season and on prodlzhitelnostta prestoya. Praktikuvat cross namaleniya vzrastni for chorus and other specific categories.

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Close to:

50 minutes from Varna, 20 min. Kavarna, 35 min. Balchik, 40 minutes. Albena, 17 km from Mangalia, 1.30 min. to Constanta, 2 hours before deltata on the Danube.

The exact location of

Next vlizane in with. Krapets, 2-ta pryaka vlyavo, 300 meters.

Business facilities

 kids corner
 outdoor pool
 bathroom / toilet
 conference room
 аir conditioning
 summer Garden
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