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Eco Village Azareya

Troyan, Gorno Trape village, GPS coordinates: N 42.8751913    E 24.6391022
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   Let me show you Azareya through my eyes. Only 7km from Troyan in the heart of the Troyan Balkan, near the balneological resorts of Shipkovo and Chiflika is the eco-village Azareya.

I walk through a wooden gate and fall into another world, a place of true dreams and fairy tales. Six round houses located in a circle with six spiral wooden paths leading to a contoured pyramid in the center of Azareya.

I sit on the bench below the pyramid and conquer me calmness and silence. Now I feel the expression to come home again with all my senses. I have the feeling that I can sit for hours, but curiosity prevails and I go on a tour. I notice that each house has its own name, I choose a house Love and I go into the small little cottage.

The first impression is that the house inside looks very spacious, and the tree gives the feeling of coziness and warmth. On the first floor there is a living room, a kitchenette, a bathroom. I climb a wooden staircase on the second floor where I find myself in a spacious bedroom with two mansard windows facing the stars. On the ceiling I notice a Tibetan mandala giving a different feel to the room. All houses are oriented to the south with a view of a beautiful mountain ridge.

The garden in Azareya is designed according to all the rules of feng shui.Forms, colors, plants, everything is in perfect balance.

I keep walking around a small vegetable garden, from the hosts I understand that it uses only natural fertilizers from the compost. I notice a gazebo in tune with the architecture of the village and barbeque tucked in. My attention attracts a green tent, which turns out to be a multifunctional hall B There is a table tennis, there are concerts, theater plays, seminars. I can find a sheltered place, called the bench of lovers, behind the tent. Peak, stone table, shadow watching vineyard and magnificent view to the mountain, Is a romance. From the place of the lovers, the entire village is seen, like a palm.

In the southern part there is a place for reflexotherapy and swing-hammock. In the eco-village there is a treatment plant, which purifies the waste water and a solar collector that supplies hot water to the houses. The village has peace and tranquility. The balance and harmony that are achieved through the overall approach-architecture, materials, garden are passed on to the visitors.

From the hosts I understand that a number of studies have been conducted to answer the question of how the stay in Azarea affects the physical and mental health of the people who visit it. All studies conducted with different methodologies confirm the idea that staying in the eco-village reflects not only beneficial, but also has a powerful healing effect on people. But perhaps the strongest impression left in me a verse given by a great friend of Azareya who has come dozens Times here:

"Near Beli Osam, under Ambaritsa among the proud Balkan

  In the village of Gorno Trape near Troyan, the fabulous Azareya was born

  And I feel as part of it "

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