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Acropolis in Athens

Author: М. Иванова, 09.10.2012
Acropolis in Athens, Picture
Acropolis in Athens, Picture 1

   The Acropolis in Athens is the most popular and still preserved Acropolis in Greece. Although there are many Acropolis in Greece, due to its importance for the history of the country think this is called the Acropolis. It is a clifftop in Athens, rising 150 meters above sea-going PhD. Dates back to the II century BC. / Mycenaean era / and considered that it was built the royal palace. In 447 BC d. by order of Pericles restarted construction on the Acropolis. This is the "Golden Age" of Athens. The famous sculptor Phidias led construction and architects were Kallikrates and Iktinos. In 437 Hr. started construction of the Propylaea Mnesikal - a monumental gateway leading to the Acropolis. They were completed in 432 Hr. The small temple of Athena called. Nike is located to the right of the Propylaea. It was completed by 421 to 415 BC.

  The most impressive building is the Parthenon on the Acropolis. It is a temple of Athena - Goddess called "Parthenos" or virgin. It was built earlier, but was destroyed in 480 BC. by the Persians during their war with Greece. The construction of the Parthenon is related to the purpose of Pericles of Athens to give the lead also in the economic and military fields, but also in art and religion.

  To the left of the Parthenon is a temple with Ionic smaller called the Erechtheum, harboring multiple gods - Athena Polias, Hephaestus, Poseidon, and Heros Kekrops Butes. It is stored and ksoanona the eponymous goddess Athena. In Erehtyona was also called. sacred olive tree of Athena and salty springs made by Poseidon's trident in his dispute with the goddess for the protection of the city.

   Acropolis, decorate your city with the perfect ensemble is known in the world. And the word "Akropolis", translated into sound "city on a hill." The hill is composed of yellow-blue limestone, majestically rising to 60-70 m above the ground and a length of about 300 m and a much narrower width. He was the highest hill in the area. During the Neolithic hill was inhabited, as evidenced by the remains of graves and houses.

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