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Eiffel Tower

Author: М. Иванова, 03.09.2012
Eiffel Tower, Picture
Eiffel Tower, Picture 1

  Eiffel tower lattice steel tower located in Paris on the Champs de Mars, which has become one of the most famous symbols of France and one of the most popular designs in the world. The tower is the highest gear in the capital of France and the most visited monument in the world paid millions of visitors. In recent years it has been visited by 6,000,000 tourists a year, and during the whole period of its existence has been reviewed by 200 million people. It was built for the World Exhibition in Paris in 1889 as the entrance arch. Built for less than two years, its construction cost nearly 6.5 million francs. The Eiffel Tower is as tall as a building with 81 floors - 324 meters high is to 1930 she was the tallest built structure in the world. Then was replaced by Chrysler Building, located in New York. If you place the antenna on its structure are not reported, it remains the second highest, after the Millau Viaduct completed in 2004 in France.

   The tower has three levels that are open to visitors. The first two, the climb becomes an elevator or staircase. Over 300 steps lead up to the first level, and from first to second. Up at the top level can only be reached by an elevator. The restaurants are located on the two lower levels.

  For the construction of the creation of the Eiffel used 10,100 tons of iron. Of these, 7,300 tons is the weight of the steel structure itself. In the years have had the tower to be strengthened in some areas and less so in 1340 its construction were involved 50 designers and architects, 100 people who make parts and assembly are carried out 132 workers. An interesting fact is that every year the tower is higher by 18 cm, for expansion of iron from the sun.

  Every seven years the tower painted. According to its creator so I can keep the metal structures. Several times I changed its color, it is passed from red-brown, yellow, beige and bronze last year.

  The tower is the most beautiful evening after being turned on her lights Ten thousand gas lantern light on top and two projectors are illuminated Jan. 19th century. In 1990 she placed bulbs and lighting today is running for the first putt in 1985 of 31 December. Today also added silver lamps, including five minutes to the hour.

  After construction of the tower was threatened by collapse because of resentment of some celebrities. In 1909 started their research in connection with radio broadcasting. This saved the Eiffel tower collapse. So far, it placed six analog transmitter stations and 120 television antennas.

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