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Basilica saint deni France

Author: Мариана ., 18.09.2012
Basilica saint deni France, Picture
Basilica saint deni France, Picture 1

  Basilica of Saint-Denis is a jewel of cathedrals in France, a work of art and spiritual support of the nation. The basilica is the oldest temple built in gotichen style. It is the tomb of a famous great monarchs of France and guardian of the historical heritage of the country. For more than 1000 years have buried the kings of dynasty that ruled France.

   Transformed in the cathedral back in 1966 and was the seat of the Bishop of Saint-Denis. It is believed that it was himself buried St. Denis, patron saint of France, who died about 275, the burial and King Hlodvit, the first French ruler who has gone to Christianity. Among other dignitaries buried in the Basilica is the founder of the Carolingian Charles Martel, who defeated the army of Saracens and thus terminate their plans for the adoption of Islam by European nations.

In the middle of the eighth century basilica was restored: the foundations of the old buildings were erected. After reconstruction in 775 g of Charlemagne is solemnly consecrate the chapel, which was attended by the entire royal semeystvo.Stroitelstvoto is led by Pastor Fulrada.

   In the 12th century the building was again in poor condition. But the reputation of Saint-Denis and its functions are increasingly growing. For this it was necessary to extend the area and build new buildings and facilities. The construction of the new basilica is led by Abbot Suger. Construction began in the 30s of the 12th century and lasted 21 years. Suger shows very good architectural skills and even considered the founder of a new trend in the architectural style of the temple, combining elements of Norman architecture and burgundy. Suger was the originator of the basic concepts that influenced the development of Western medieval architecture. It marks the beginning of the stained glass windows depicting the historical and biblical scenes and stained glass rose - round window above the main entrance of the temple. At the dedication bishopric cathedral impressed with the unusual appearance and luxurious interior.

   The cathedral was badly damaged during the Hundred Years War. French Revolution is not spared Saint Denis - Abbey is stolen, cultural heritage is lost forever. But the building remained intact. National Assembly signed a decree destruction, which was later canceled. Deal is the sad fate of the abbey and at the Emperor Napoleon, who wants to make the Cathedral Mausoleum.

  In 1869 the architect Viollet-le-Duc restored Basilica. This is a great man who dedicated his life to restoring the most remarkable monument of French culture. Thanks to him, today we can enjoy the beauty and majesty of Saint Denis Basilica.

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