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Belogradchik Fortress - History and Nature ...

Author: Павлина Янева, 29.02.2012
Belogradchik Fortress - History and Nature ..., Picture
Belogradchik Fortress - History and Nature ..., Picture 1

   One of the most remarkable tourist sites in the town of Belogradchik, with its fascinating architecture krepost.Tya Belogradchik is one of the best preserved fortresses in Bulgaria was declared a cultural monument of national importance in 1985 and began to be visited by many tourists . is part of a hundred national historic sites in Bulgaria. In the construction used natural inaccessibility of skalite.Krepostta served as a firewall then the Roman Empire, the thick 4-5m. and 12-15m high. walls were like a watch and a barrier against their enemies. highest part is called the Citadel. A few meters to the southwest are the remains of another ancient fortress which played a supportive role and contributed to the flowering of the empire. In rock formations carved two reservoirs stored water for the difficult days. The castle was built within the rock, which impresses with its unique architecture and people still feeling that they are a wonderful place, covered with great beauty and refreshing positive energiya.Prez 16th century Bulgarian tzar Sratsimir expanding and strengthening the fortress it becomes second in importance for the time. Impressive appearance of a medieval building caused great interest among visitors.

  The highest part of the fortress provides an enchantingly beautiful view. View from the top of the castle is unique, and the view can not be described in words. In 1396. during the Ottoman rule over the Bulgarian lands, the castle came under their domination. Under pressure from frequent fighting tactics of rebels, the invaders were forced to make structural and additionally reinforced the Belogradchik fortress without changing significantly outside in. The final reconstruction and expansion in 1805 is to 1837 under the leadership of Italian and French engineers during this period she gained its current appearance. Inside the fort are three yards and a separate fortification, with yards of each other are separated by large massive portals vrati.Vseki a yard owned opportunity for self-defense and protection. There are more prison cannon platforms, barracks and warehouses.

  The castle itself has number 15-16 guns. Important role in defending the fort proved and additional foreign and defense building, consisting of driven deep into the earth and thick piles of sticks woven baskets filled with stones and soil. This gives great advantage to training and earned a reflection of strategies to repel enemies, on the other hand impede the enemy easier to get to the desired goal. For military purposes be used in 1885. during the Serbo-Bulgarian war.

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