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Butan - Zemen raj

Author: bg, 07.12.2015
Butan - Zemen raj, Picture
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 Bhutan - Kingdom of the Thunder Dragon, earthly paradise, preserved ecology, and Buddhist culture. Many people have not even heard of this place. If you are assigned to them, read this article and you will find at least a few reasons to visit Bhutan. Bhutan is a country as big as Switzerland. This little-known paradise is located between China and India. After many centuries under the rule of their king, today he is konstitutsion monarchy. Can you imagine that until 1960 in Kingdom of Bhutan has no roads, cars, phones, and even electricity. Sounds amazing right? The country has been isolated from the outside world. The trip to Bhutan is like time travel - experience in misty mountain ridges and erected temples where the force of gravity is unknown. Richly painted architecture and colorful clothing worn by people are so colorful as their culture.

8 out of 20 in the ranking of the happiest countries ranks Bhutan. Thanks to its governance principles aziantskata country, it ahead of giants such as Japan, Luxembourg and the United States. Can you imagine that only on the basis of four principles for overall national prosperity, the King of Bhutan manages to balance poverty, though affecting a significant part of the population. Wondering who prinipite you? I will immediately answer you! The first is environmental protection, followed by wise management, environmentally friendly development and preserved authentic culture.

I will share another interesting fact that will amaze - 75% is forested territory, of which the protected areas are over-quarter. Have you ever thought how many countries praised by such values.

You think to get to know the history of a foreign country should visit the famous museum? In Butane this is not necessary. The combination of culture from the Middle Ages and modern thinking will make you experience an exotic experience. Bhutan is an extraordinary place! This is a place where buying and selling of cigarettes is a crime is red rice, a main dish of chili chishki. Can you believe it? These facts show that Bhutan is a new and different world to us. Sanctity of the country is visible and that men go to work dressed in long robes, protective sumvoli are painted the facades of homes, but more important than the gross domestic product overall national welfare. If you visit this country of surprises, you will find that there can only monks translating ancient texts on a computer, or that gentlemen dressed in traditional robes howling calls on their mobile phones. Different and even tourism in Bhutan! Actually this is one of the expensive cruise - a day one should devote at least $ 200, but this amount includes all costs that are possible. Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan name often because of traditional Tibetan culture and Buddhist lights in Bumthang Dzongkhag. Bhutan will win and artfully crafted fabrics omagiyosvashta flora and fauna of the valley and majestic Phobjika routes transition.

Bhutan is a destination for adventurers where tangible benefits are not a measure of quality of life. And if you are fans of Asian festivals, they'll love these Bhutan. They are fascinating cultural performances performed by masked dancers with colorful costumes. During festivalie people are cleansed of their sins and receive the blessing.

If you are able and you are fond of little known tourist places should visit Bhutan!

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