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Big Ben - The Clock

Author: Мариана , 30.08.2012
Big Ben - The Clock , Picture
Big Ben - The Clock , Picture 1

    Big Ben - The Clock Tower of the Palace of Westminster famous or even Tower of St. Stephen. The tower is part of the architectural complex of hp Uestmistarskiya Palace. Its height is 96.3 meters and weighs 13 so this is the huge bell laid in clockwork. The tower was built in 1858, and the mechanism is released 7.09.1859 g.Chasovnikat is 55 meters above the ground. The diameter of the dial is 7 m and the length of the arrows are respectively 2.7 and 4.2 m. Today, the tower is still a symbol of Britain with its unique appearance and unique architecture.

   The name of the tower comes from the name of its creator - Sir Benjamin Hall. As the creator was very high and the tower has no name, in time clock "giant" takes funny name Big Ben - translated sounds "Big Ben". Designed by Arch. Agustus Pugin - was part of the plan of the famous Charles Barry to build a new palace t.k old burned in 1834 during a fire.

   In addition to its impressive size clock tower is famous for its great accuracy.

The clock is checked two times daily from the famous Greenwich Observatory. On top of the pendulum is located a pile of coins used to correct time. Reducing or increasing the number of coins the center of gravity of the long 3.9 ml. and weighing 300 kg pendulum. With a coin may be changed by 0.4 sec. day clock speed.

   Big Ben is the third highest free-standing clock tower in the world, and for a long time was considered to be the largest of the Earth clock. The tower has five bells which can be heard for 15 minutes. The worst is just Big Ben, which is heard in London on the hour.

  At the first light. War for two years dials were obscured, bells silenced to avoid being spotted by German troops. Clock faces for hidden again during the second light. War. But in 1941, the clock tower and the palace were damaged by bombing. The only serious accident was on 5.08.1976. Then the regulator breaks per hour. Centenary mechanism after prolonged use ..

  Although Big Ben is one of the major tourist attractions and a major symbol of London, the clock tower is not open to tourists. Only after prior approval of Parliament be allowed UK residents to do tours. 's 334 steps leading to the top of the tower climb away, because no elevator.

   The most beautiful is London clock at night when thousands of lights illuminate it.

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