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Chepelareada 2012

Author: Таня Димитрова, 09.02.2012
Chepelareada 2012, Picture
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        Be part of Chepelareada 2012!


       Chepelareada is a unique Winter Olympics in Bulgaria. The contest is for fans of snow emotions of different sex and age.

        Skiers and snowboarders, men and women aged 18 to 81 years will compete in several categories for the third consecutive year. Traditionally unconventional race goes through several stages. Its launch is reserved for the sack race jump. The task here is each competitor successfully complete desetmetrovoto route to this end both his legs in a sack, secured by his hands. Mode of travel is entirely the choice of participants, it can jump to creep and crawl, walk, aim for the shortest possible time to reach the finish line. Anyone who has gone through final tape with both feet in the bag is allowed to pass into the next stage of the race and he is "Sprint to the equipment."


         In the second "Sprint to the equipment" stage of the participant need the fastest way to get to my equipment which was previously located twenty meters from the finish line of the obstacle number one. In the next round pass all competitors were able to put their feet or Snow ski gear they use.


        After successful fitting, head to challenge number three - "chopping wood". Here are 16 of the prepared number of sites located on bezposno distance from each other, equipped with wood chopping and mincing. All trees are selected with uniform size and hardness for all participants. To move to the next round of the competition, participants must be at least two split your tree. And this time is the determining factor for the successful implementation of the task.


        After the success of the mission "chopping wood" participants are prepared to drink their hot drink, this should not happen again in the shortest possible time, then all head to their pre-determined route, which during its passage through racing downhill together participants control points along the entire route.

        The final stage of the competition is "nailing with a hammer" at this stage the aim is again in the shortest possible time, nail length 90 mm to be fully embedded into the prepared board.


          The ultimate goal of the winter event is through fun games and competitions to be opened and awarded the runner with the most complex skills on the ski track. Chepelareada held for the first time in winter 2010, winter resorts in Chepelare. Snow Olympics has a great interest not only from the professional fans of extreme winter sports, reaping success among amateur adventurers.


           To measure one's strength in Chepelareada must request participation by appointment indicating name, age and city where you.


          To be part of Chepelareada not need to be a participant, you will feel the spirit of sport and many positive emotions race of the winter - is enough to attend!




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