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Plunge in chocolate heaven ...

Author: ., 11.11.2016
Plunge in chocolate heaven ..., Picture
Plunge in chocolate heaven ..., Picture 1Plunge in chocolate heaven ..., Picture 2Plunge in chocolate heaven ..., Picture 3Plunge in chocolate heaven ..., Picture 4

 We believe that no one who does not love this sweet temptation called CHOCOLATE! And just about all of you, we decided to offer a few places where you can enjoy cocoa sweetness. And if you're wondering where do some of the most delicious chocolates to master the intricacies of the master chocolatiers, we will give you an answer. One of the countries glorified with chocolate is Switzerland, and there are cities Zurich and Bern. We start from Switzerland because it is a country that eats the most chocolate - 11.6 kg per year per capita. In this alpine country is up and triangular chocolate Toblerone, who all love. Three of the world famous manufacturers of chocolate - Lindt, Sprungli, Teauscher, located in Zurich. Here you can experience a chocolate paradise - you can taste for hours various chocolate delights at local shops and cafes. Of course, we can not not mention Belgium! Chocolate Museum in the country are 16 chocolate factories have 12 stores and chocolate 2000. In each village or town can enjoy a wide variety of shops chocolates. The country is a leader in Europe in the chocolate industry. The annual production of chocolate and chocolate products there is 172,000 tons. Mmm, how we wanted to try from handmade chocolates with fillings. Another suggestion is France. Located in a small French city Lyon Ten L'Эrmitazh is located company Valrhona. It produces chocolate products in 1922. Nowadays it is one of the global companies that are leaders in proizvdostvoto high quality chocolates and collectibles. The firm has a school Ecole du Grand Chocolat. There prepare professional representative chocolatiers. Training course for beginners is worth a 1000 US dollar-. Spain will also take you into the world of sweet magic. In Vilyahoysa you need to know that produced the oldest Spanish brand chocolate - Valor. That is why the city is called the chocolate town. There you can go to a museum where you can learn about the technology of cocoa treat. In Alicante you can taste the delicious chocolate mousses, the local delicacy donuts with hot chocolate and chocolate drinks chilled with ice cream. USA is the next destination and just the San Francisco Bay Area. The area appears to be one of the capitals of chocolate worldwide. Ghirardelli company is located in the city. It is a popular symbol of the city. Other chocolate company Scharffen Berger is located on the other side of the bay, which is the first among manufacturers of chocolate in America with a completely closed cycle of production. The factory can be visited by tourists free 6 times a day.

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