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Day shegata- different countries, different jokes!

Author: ., 16.11.2016
Day shegata- different countries, different jokes!, Picture
Day shegata- different countries, different jokes!, Picture 1

 All celebrate the day of joke on April 1 each year. This is not an official holiday, although lately has become a trend each calendar day is a holiday. It is estimated that feast arises Hillary - Roman holiday. It is celebrated on March 25 in honor of the goddess Cybele. In the following you will see how the holiday is celebrated in different places around the world. In France the day of the joke is known as Poisson d`Avril, which means an April fish. The meaning comes perhaps from the fact that someone caught a fish on a hook. Children in schools and identified some slaps him on the back of a picture of a fish, and then waiting to see when we will find out and what will be his reaction. In Iran according to the Persian calendar 13 days after the New Year falls on April 1. Their day is named Sizdah Bedar and the population is full of jokes and pranks. The holiday is marked by 536 BC, making it perhaps the oldest day joke in the world. In Iran Sizdah Bedar is further notes with jokes to spend more time with loved ones - walk with park picnic. After the picnic, the Iranian people throw all green vegetables, thus believe that disposed of illness and bad luck for the coming year. In India Day joke occurs under the name of Holi and actually falls on March 31st. As tradition dictates, on this day and Indians make jokes and jokes on each other. Another interesting thing I do on this day is to paint their faces and spray colored powder. In this day believe that spring occurs in India. Scots do not differ in the celebration of the feast of us. There he is popular with the name Hunt the Gowk. Gowk is a word that Scots used to fool someone who easily Varzva of jokes. An interesting fact is that the Scots one day they are sufficient and they have a holiday in the name Taily Day. Then they stuck a sign with the inscription Kick me back some and accordingly expect his reaction when he sees the sign or when he got a kick out of some. Denmark Day joke is not celebrated on the first of April and 1 May The day passes in fairy tales, jokes. Wherever you are in the world celebrate the day of fun with good humor and playful jokes.

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