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Dubai, a different place

Author: rooms. bg, 07.01.2016
Dubai, a different place, Picture
Dubai, a different place, Picture 1Dubai, a different place, Picture 2Dubai, a different place, Picture 3Dubai, a different place, Picture 4

 Dubai is one of the cities that are developing fastest. Represented several buildings at the end of the 60s and 50 years later, is today a huge city full of skyscrapers, it developed some of the most prestigious and luxurious projects worldwide. Another curious fact about Dubai is low or downright zero crime rate. This is due to the leadership of the city, which is led by uncompromising Islamic law. Much of the population are immigrants with a criminal offense can be arrested or deported. There is something else connected with the police - in Dubai it has a high budget and do not be surprised if you see polizeyski cars costing as houses. The brands of vehicles on the polysaccharide are Ferrari, Lamborghini and Aston Martin and others.

Many of the builders of skyscrapers are from India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. They represent nearly 50% of the population. Another 23% of workers in Dubai are from other countries. But there need to know h is the separation of classes in immense. These construction workers live in very poor conditions and labor for miserable pay. However, in Dubai not tolerate debts. There is inadmissible residents into debt. If you fail to pay their debts on credit cards, you may be deported. As a result, many of these workers are tempted by life in Dubai and live beyond their means in which they are sent home prematurely. This is just one of all causes in Dubai to meet luxury abandoned cars, most likely owned by foreigners who could not pay them and of course they were forced to return to their home country.

Another interesting fact is that needs to be cooled everything in Dubai. This stems from the fact that there temperatures reach 45 degrees. Working people in offices in glass buildings would fry if their air conditioners were not working consistently. Installed into buildings vertical cooling systems by powerful pumps spray water to cool off.

This city is also the fastest growing. Add to this the fact that 20% of construction cranes in the world are fitted exactly in Dubai. In 2009 there was completed subway, which has 42 stations. And note - the period of postroyanvaneto is shocking - only 18 months. So, now came the interest you more - Dubai no standard address system. Terribly rapid development is cause and instead address when sending something must specify card or write exact instructions how to reach the site. In taxis also the tourists to show a map of the driver to know where to take them.


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