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Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna

Author: М. Иванова, 31.10.2012
Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna, Picture
Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna, Picture 1

  Schönbrunn Palace is one of the most popular attractions of Vienna in 1869 and is a major landmark of Austria. The palace and gardens reflect the interests, tastes and aspirations of the Habsburgs. They are listed by UNESCO as a remarkable Baroque ensemble and example of a combination with art.

  V1569, the Roman emperor Maximilian II purchased the famous place where the park is now located at Schönbrunn. Interest shown and the newly opened zoo and then states, except how to care for wildlife, but also to many exotic and rare plants. Rightly named after the founder of the arrangement of the gardens. The new name in translation "beautiful well" Schönbrun, comes from a well that is used imperial court in Vienna. Over the next century the royal family spends holidays and hunting there. In Turkish siege is so damaged that it was almost impossible to recover. Emperor Leopold I gave the order to build a new palace. Construction of the palace began in the 1696's after only three years already accommodated in the new middle section. Over the next century, many did not survive the old palace, because each successive emperor modify or add something from the exterior and interior. By order of Maria Theresa palace was converted into a rococo style and has become a center of the royal family and the Austrian Empire.

  In the 19th century, Franz Josef - Emperor spent the major part of his life and died in 1916 in his bedroom. Throughout his administration viewed the palace and gardens as a work of art and it changes according to its history. At the palace complex are the greenhouse and Roman ruins. In 1918 the monarchy fell and the new Austrian Republic now owns the imposing Schönbrunn Palace and offers beautiful rooms and rooms for visitors. In the 20th century there should be held a number of meetings and events - such as Nikita Khrushchev and John F. Kennedy.

  The zoo, located in the palace was opened in 1752 and is the oldest in the world. Initiated the building was Emperor Franz I. In the beginning was the pavilion for snacks - imperial, with 13 cells in animals circularly arranged around it.

  In 1779 the zoo is open for free visits. Joseph II made several expeditions in the Americas and Africa to fill in the zoo's collection. In 1828 was brought and giraffe - it becomes a grand scale event for the whole of Vienna. A 7/14/1906 was the first elephant born in the world to live in an unnatural environment. To I-World War has nearly 3,500 animals from 700 species. But world wars caused severe damage to the animals in the zoo and in 1945 to only 400. In 2002 the zoo celebrates 250 g of its establishment and now has about 4,600 animals of nearly 480 species and is situated on 17 hectares. In 2007, the first panda born in Europe.

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