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Festivals that do not suppose that there!

Author: ., 18.11.2016
Festivals that do not suppose that there!, Picture
Festivals that do not suppose that there!, Picture 1Festivals that do not suppose that there!, Picture 2Festivals that do not suppose that there!, Picture 3

 Do you like to travel? And if you have been interesting to witness various festivals? For those of you who are interested will introduce some of the most bizarre festivals that are worth visiting. So we begin with Spain Tomatina festival.


This is a carnival, especially for fans of tomatoes. Held in Walenski province Buñol. The place is visited by thousands of tourists who go specifically for the climactic part of the celebration of prazika in the name of the saint San Luis Bertràn. About 130,000 kg of tomatoes are poured in the town square. Participants crushed tomatoes, throw them argesivno and immersed in tomato fight. The end comes when the streets turn into rivers of blood. So we are not clear, however, who clean then ...


Transposable in Nevada, USA and the festival Burning Man or talking man. The show lasts a week and attracts over 30,000 visitors a year. Nevada is called the city of art by the creator of the festival and therefore not important money during the event, even banned. The idea of ​​Burning Man is each participant to contribute anything for the event.


In India even held the festival Divali. It is a 5 day festival of light, which aims to unite all religions into one. During festivals across India are seen illuminated by lamps and candles homes. The idea is thus to protect themselves from the darkness of evil. After the festival, the homes are cleared and people can get new acquisitions or to buy new clothes. Finally, exchange sweets as a sign of buried anger. Another festival is the one in Mexico.


Dia de Muertos - dichroic celebrating the reunification of relatives killed by their relatives. Hanging skeletons, heavy tables and colorful costumes are an integral part of the festival. The aim of this festival is to overcome the fear of moving into different dimensions, because welcomes the continuation of the afterlife. Stay again in Mexico.


Noche de los Rabanos or Night of radishes. The celebration of this holiday begins only for marketing purposes, when the Spanish brought to Mexico radishes. To become more attractive to buyers radishes were carved into strange shapes. Local artisans have even carved purposes paintings in large radishes. Besides cash prize, the winner gets respect from fans of the festival.


Here, we introduced you to the strangest festivals in the world. We hope that provoked your interest and soon to get your story in the first person.

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