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Tomb of Philip of Macedonia

Author: М. Иванова, 11.10.2012
Tomb of Philip of Macedonia, Picture
Tomb of Philip of Macedonia, Picture 1

 The tomb, which was transformed into a museum of Macedonia Philip II - father of Alexander. Macedonia is located in Vergina, a small town 75 km. southwest of Thessaloniki. Archaeologists interested in the nearby hills from back in 1850, I doubt that there are tombs beneath them. In 1977 archaeologist of Greek origin Manolis Andronikos started excavations on the hill, known as the Great Tumulus and found a total of 7 rooms, 2 of them have sought tomb of Philip II and his son Alexander's Macedonians - Al. IV Macedonians.

  The museum was built in 1993 and contains a small temple and 4 tombs. It is a way to show the mound in this type, in which it was before the excavation. The vast wealth of the museum are the two tombs are intact.

  The tomb of Philip II is made up of two rooms. The main room can be seen a marble sarcophagus with 24 karat gold urn. In it are found the bones of the king, a crown of gold of 313 oak leaves and 68 acorns. There are also armor of ivory and gold, richly inlaid bed, which was burned and silver vessels from burial. At the very entrance found another sarcophagus, urn of gold, but with smaller bones and wife who were enveloped in purple - gold cloth with a wreath of flowers of gold. Until it was found funeral bed, which was partially destroyed probably by fire and again with a golden crown. The entrance of the tomb was built in the Doric style, and just above it on the wall is painted five foot chase scene.

  Tomb of Al. IV is less preserved and pillaging. On a stone pedestal was found a silver jug ​​in which bones are made, and it was again an oak wreath of gold. The room and the weapons and vessels. Frieze decorates the walls, depicting chariots that race.

  The other two tombs were found stolen. The first is the name Tomb of Persephone, because was decorated with magnificent frescoes, representing the abduction of Persephone by itself Hedes. The second tomb is dilapidated, with an impressive entry that is reserved with four Doric columns.

  It is open and the only completely preserved Macedonian helmet with a specific shape. Besides burial chambers of enormous size / a little house / inside mounds are found gravestones of various senior leaders. Restored dome above the archaeological excavations and formed a modern museum complex in the very interior.


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