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Ideas for cheap places to stay worldwide

Author: Мери Георгиева, 07.12.2015
Ideas for cheap places to stay worldwide, Picture
Ideas for cheap places to stay worldwide, Picture 1Ideas for cheap places to stay worldwide, Picture 2Ideas for cheap places to stay worldwide, Picture 3Ideas for cheap places to stay worldwide, Picture 4

   Cheap accommodation and travel are available worldwide - no need to pay for expensive hotels. Check out these affordable and free options for accommodation.

   One of the biggest myths about the journey around the world that have to be rich to go around the world. This is simply not true. Interesting journey you can organize it and to be very affordable, especially when using alternative forms of accommodation.

No need to pay for expensive hotels, in fact there are many cheap and even free places where you can sleep when traveling. For example Backpacker Hostel in Thailand. The price for one night is $ 5 - $ 20

   Backpacker Hostels is among the popular options for the budget of low-budget traveler. The rooms and bathrooms are shared by many people. Hostel room can accommodate between 4-10 persons are often furnished with bunk beds. Lockers are available for the security of your belongings. Usually offer a toast or cereal, which is included in the price. Besides giving you a cheap option for accommodation, and provides you with social atmosphere of other travelers with your interests. We suggest you avoid hostels, because there is no security for your valuables. Use earplugs and sleeping masks, they will help you avoid the noise and light when you want to sleep. If you do not mind sacrificing a little of his personal life and deal with some additional noise, Backpacker hostels are a great choice for your vacation.

   In Mexico, for a slightly higher price if salaries between 10 and 50 dollars per night you can stay in a guesthouse Eco Lodge.

   Compared to the hostel, it will get a decent sized single room, but far fewer social contacts. All for a slightly higher price. There may be no breakfast.

Quality accommodation in these guesthouses differs significantly from the hotel accommodation. In some places in Mexico dormitories are simply not available, but you will find plenty of cheap guest houses. You are advised always first want to show you the room. Make sure windows and doors will provide security. Another option is to rent an apartment at a price of $ 10 - $ 50 per night.

   Mexican If anyone has a spare room in your house or around the apartment, which does not use, they, like us, Bulgarians prefer to rent it to travelers on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. These apartments are usually fully furnished and feature kitchenettes. One of the great benefits if stay at the apartment, you can feel like home, even away from it. If you use a site, select apartment published reviews from past renters. Make sure that the location and transport capabilities of the apartment are good.

Hiring apartments for your short trips are a great way to live like a local in the country of interest to you. For example, can you live near the beach in Playa del Carmen for three months and it cost you about $ 10 per night.

Have you heard of Couchsurfing? The price is $ 0 per night!

If you are not familiar this is a very large 5 million. Community of people from all over the world who open their homes and their apartments to tourists free. They can offer bedroom, or simply wild, free.

   You might be wondering why do it? Meet interesting people from all over the world to experience their culture and find their adventure partners. The system works very well and many people around the world use it. A misconception that CouchSurfers are all freeloaders and bums, this is simply not true.

   Finally, I wanted to tell you that accommodation costs should not hinder your journey and dreams. It does not have to spend millions of dollars on expensive hotels to see sveta.Edna week stay in a hotel can cost $ 700 a week stay in a hostel can cost $ 140 and a week stay with CouchSurfing hosts will cost you $ 0. Big difference, right? Travel is expensive, if you have expensive tastes.

   If you are open-minded, there are plenty of cheap accommodation options and interesting opportunities to enjoy during your trip.

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