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Cathedral "St. Stefan "- Vienna

Author: М. Иванова, 30.11.2012
Cathedral "St. Stefan "- Vienna, Picture
Cathedral "St. Stefan "- Vienna, Picture 1

  Cathedral "St. Stephen "is a Catholic cathedral located in the center of Vienna. It is one of the most important landmarks of the capital of Austria and is one of the symbols of Vienna. It was built over several centuries, beginning was spread by Rudolf IV, over the ruins of an earlier church built in 1359 of limestone, 40 meters wide and 107 meters long. Its highest point is 136 meters atop a Gothic tower. Early color was white, but over time, especially in the burning of the city during World War II and air pollution are colored in red stone. The cathedral suffered mostly fire on 11.04.1945, when the shops were burnt in the neighborhood during the pillaging of the marauders. In 1952 the church was completely restored. The cathedral was built in the Gothic and Romanesque. South Tower, which was built from 1368 -1433 was 136.44 meters high and the north is 68.3 m in height during Hasburgite was no other church may be higher than St. Stephen in the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

 The cathedral has 23 bells goals - one of them is II-th largest in Europe. Legend has it that Beethoven learned of his deafness when he saw birds flying out scared the roof of the Cathedral, where he could hear the sound of bells. Inside of St. Stephen is very beautiful with many stone sculptures and uniquely decorated columns. Amaze grandeur and huge bodies and the size of the cathedral. In a corner of the cathedral is located and its most famous symbol. This is a self-portrait, which is carved into the stone by a sculptor remains unknown, helped build her during the Turkish siege of Vienna in 1529, the south tower is used as the main headquarters and observation center in charge of the defense of the city itself. Council is 198.20 meters long and the width is 62 m

 The roof of the cathedral is 111 meters long and is decorated with richly colored tiles 230000. Arms of Austria and Vienna are depicted on the north side.

  Its visitors can now climb to the top of the South Tower itself walk and an elevator down to the North Tower, or to enter the catacombs. The cathedral is free entry, but rounds up the towers, and the visit of the cellar is paid.

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