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The beautiful and wild beaches of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast

Author: ., 10.05.2017
The beautiful and wild beaches of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, Picture
The beautiful and wild beaches of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, Picture 1

 Let us present some of the beautiful beaches of Bulgaria. We start from north to south starting from Kamen Beach. What is meant by his name, he is a coast but stone. There is no beach, but it is not a minus. The beauty of the noisy waves with large rocks and crystal-clear water compensates for everything. The unique wild spot has become increasingly populated in recent years. It is very appropriate and preferable to meet Julia Morning, also for outdoor nights with the company. Kaliakria has a magnificent hidden beach located under a golf course that is being built right now. There is a cozy art restaurant on the beach, and many fashionable tents where you can lie down. The next beach is Shkorpilovtsi. It boasts the most endless beaches, and the sand is perfectly clean. You do not have to wear a bathing suit here. There are no traps or tents around, making the place even more paradise. Karadere - a traditional hippie spot on the Black Sea coast. There the only problem is the pollution from the tents left there. Irakli is the other place, or as the hippies are called. Unfortunately, he's already overwhelmed. It is easily accessible and there are bungalows, pubs. The new discovery at the beaches is Maslina Cape. The beach is small, but dearly beautiful! Access to it is by water or by land, but the road is not in good condition. The beach is full of pure water and sand beaches. Nearby there is a nice trap that offers about 10 kinds of fresh and well-prepared Black Sea fish. We go south and there is Sinemorets waiting for us, rather the Veleka river mouth. There you will also enjoy a nice beach, warm clear water. The place is a bit more dangerous for children because it is deeper in the water. The rock makes a great shadow to hide from the summer heat. Silistar - so remote, and super crowded in recent years. It is famous for the fact that this is the place on the Black Sea with the purest water. With crystal clear water, Silistar attracts many tourists and lovers of wild beaches. The beach is enough to the south and the water is very warm. The place is suitable for children because of the bay and as far as you can go in is still shallow.

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