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Healing power of the Dead Sea

Author: Мариана Иванова, 23.08.2012
Healing power of the Dead Sea, Picture
Healing power of the Dead Sea, Picture 1

   The Dead Sea is a large lake which flows into the Jordan River in the Middle East. Bordered by Jordan, Israel and Palestine. Located at 420 meters below sea level with an area of ​​approximately 1,020 square kilometers Its length is approximately 76 km and a width of approximately 18 km. The lowest point is 400 m quantity of salt at about 330 ppm - the salinity of our Black Sea is about 17 ppm. The Dead Sea is divided into two parts - South, which is shallow, which are huge pillars of salt-like icebergs and northern part, which is deeper. The temperature in summer reaches 50 ° C and the Jordan River and other small streams evaporates, leaving deposits of sand, clay, gypsum and rock salt in the bottom of the lake. Winter day at the Dead Sea infused 6.5 mil.t. water. Researchers have found that without the evaporation rate of the lake will be raised by 3 meters per year.

   The Dead Sea is very different from other seas of the Earth. They dominated -77% salt and the lake is only 30%. It includes a huge amount of micronutrients. Other salts are potassium, calcium, ammonium and potassium bromide and magnesium chloride. Long time it was thought that life in the Dead Sea is not possible. Mud in ponds formed without the participation of microorganisms. Various researchers in 1959 found a varied life of plants and microorganisms.

  The content of trace elements in the mud of the Dead Sea is huge - contains iodine, lithium, zinc, manganese, cadmium and cobalt. All are vital to the human body. In the mud and found female and male sex hormones, which can penetrate human skin. Many of these unique properties are responsible for the treatment of many diseases, some of which are successfully treated only to the Dead Sea. Therapeutic mud from the lake has the greatest therapeutic effect in the world. There is no such analogy on Earth. Local hydro procedures sweating on the skin surface, thereby enhancing processes related to detoxify the body. Thermal effects on muscles contribute to their release.

   Scientists do not stop to explore the Dead Sea because its level steadily declined - about 1 meter per year. The main reason is human activity - mining curative mud and salt, and diversion of the Jordan River which flows into the sea.

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