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Pantheon in Paris

Author: Мариана , 21.02.2013
Pantheon in Paris, Picture
Pantheon in Paris, Picture 1

  The capital of France has many interesting sights that must be seen live and one of them is the majestic Pantheon. Situated in the Latin Quarter of Paris. In its initial form constituted a church in honor of St. Genoveva, but after many changes and events became a mausoleum.

  Pantheon is Tomb of famous people. This massive monument was built in the 18th century. At the beginning of the Pantheon in Paris was the site of a church basilica, founded in 507 g, dedicated to St. Peter and Paul.

Nowadays Pantheon is calling and honor to give honor to the famous and great Frenchmen and reminds moments in the history of France. A story can be traced back to him. Path of the French nation, its main stages can be traced through various decorations, symbols and inscriptions found here. Today Pantheon tombs are located at 71 Great French - writers, politicians, philosophers, scientists, military and only a single woman - M. Curie. France honors them all having outstanding contribution to the country's development and progress of the human nation as a whole. Here are buried - Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Voltaire, Emile Zola, Victor Hugo, Alexandre Dumas, Louis Braille, Andre Malraux, Pierre Curie, Marie Curie and others.

   Interestingly in the Pantheon is the so-called Foucault's Pendulum, which was set back in 1851 is a 27 km area that is attached to a steel cable with a length of 67 m near the very bottom of the sphere is a metal shield, highlighting traffic the pendulum in backfilling with sand floor.

   The story of the building of the Pantheon is the following: in 1744 King Louis 15 vows that if you fight serious disease, pinned him to the hospital bed to build a place where the church was destroyed in the world Genoveva an impressive building. And when the king heal it meets its promise and gives the task of construction of the building architect. Jean-Germany soufflé. Two years later, construction began, but after a year, France was in economic construction and need to be stopped. After some months building was restored again, but move slowly. Only in 1790 the church is finished, which coincided with the French Revolution and the founding meeting of the states party to change the church mausoleum of the heroes of the war.

   In the Pantheon is held most significant experiment in humanity. In 1951 French physicist Foucault shows the Earth's rotation by 67 m pendulum built into it.

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