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Semiramis and hanging gardens of Babylon!

Author: Д. Колева, 03.07.2012
Semiramis and hanging gardens of Babylon!, Picture
Semiramis and hanging gardens of Babylon!, Picture 1

  Semiramis (Shamuramat) - Myth and Reality, Assyrian Queen, shrouded in a lot of secrets, mysteries and legends. Wife of a cruel ruler and tyrant who kills it and ascended the throne. Became a symbol of female statesman and conqueror. It is believed that Semiramis is a real person. On it attributed the construction of many ancient monuments in the Middle East, one of which is "Hanging Gardens of Babylon" - part of the Seven Wonders of the world, often described as' Hanging Gardens of Semiramis. "

   According to others, the gardens were made by Nebuchadnezzar II, for his Persian wife, who was very sick for home.

  It is still not completely clear the place of which they were made gardens, but is supposed to have been built around the ancient city of Babylon. It's called "hanging" because the plants were high and created the impression that fell from the sky. Planted on a pyramid consisting of four floors and a height above 20 meters. Planners thought was genius. The basics of each floor to prevent water seeps, was ordered cane. Here are two rows of bricks cemented with gypsum solution and another row of bricks and lead finish is a bulk fertile soil in which they are planted rare seeds, flowers and trees. Slaves are cared for excavation of soil. In columns that held platforms were built tubes reaching the top floor, which irrigated vegetation, probably by the Euphrates River. The gardens were located spiral and interconnected with stairs. In the outer parts grew ivy, which reinforce the illusion that the plants are in the air. Seen from a distance looked like evergreen and flowering shrubs.

  In 311 BC Alexander the Great conquered Vavilon.Istoritsite say that after his soldiers had returned from Babylon, and told of wonders that light. Evidence suggests that this is where the great conqueror was found dead. After his death, West Babylon, and the gardens were abandoned. According to some in the great flood, flood waters of the Euphrates, which until recently were fed this "paradise", it almost completely destroyed. Others say a major earthquake has destroyed this ancient wonder of the mind and architecture.

  The flowering of the first Earth City speak even in the Bible. Miracles of Babylon are described by many ancient authors. But undoubtedly the greatest miracle is the Tower of Babel, or the impressive city walls and Hanging Gardens. Not just because of the genius of construction, not only because of majestic form, but for aesthetic design, a green paradise in the heart of the vast desert.

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