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Top 10 destinations for a sunny New Year

Author: ., 09.12.2015
Top 10 destinations for a sunny New Year, Picture
Top 10 destinations for a sunny New Year, Picture 1Top 10 destinations for a sunny New Year, Picture 2Top 10 destinations for a sunny New Year, Picture 3Top 10 destinations for a sunny New Year, Picture 4

 December is the month with the most holidays! Outside, snow was everywhere the fragrance of gingerbread and cinnamon, families gather. White winter wonderland!

However, if you are not fond of cold weather we offer you the top 10 European destinations for a sunny Christmas and New Year!

The first warm place to cheer on the beach, summer experiences can visit is the island of Madeira, Portugal. Situated on the west coast of Africa, between Canary and Azores islands in the north Atlantic. Madeira and Porto Santo are the two inhabited islands that make it up plus some uninhabited. This place will fascinate you with cultural and historical landmarks and tropical flora. Another name for the island, which is known, is a floating garden of the Atlantic. Solar destination attracts thousands of tourists from around the world. There will enjoy the sunny and warm weather even in the winter months when the temperature reaches 24 gradisa. Even according to Guinness one of the most spectacular celebrations of the new year in the world are on the island.

At number two on our list is Tenerife, Spain. Canary Islands it is the largest populated and lively. Because of the mild tropical climate is often called the island of eternal spring. You will be captivated by the combination of beaches and green mountains. Your interest will be attracted by the carnival of Santa Cruz, which takes place from February 6 to 17, the volcano Teide and old arhitekrura. Here is a warm thing - winter temperatures are between 20-22 degrees in coastal areas. A warmer and drier climate in the southern parts of the island.

Barbados captured third place in our rankings. There you will be a true tropical paradise! Excellent beaches provide you the opportunity to soak up the sun or take a walk on the beach. If you are bored, Barbados will offer a rich social life and fine restaurants. Now you shared another fact about the island - it is one of the favorite islands of the rich and celebrity. And even if most people know that the famous singer Rihanna is there. And now comes the most impressive fact - temperature to the end of March is 28-30 degrees. Hot right?

St. Kitts is our next proposal to meet the December holidays warm! The island is located in the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea. St. Kitts will charm you with its exotic scenery, unique beaches with crystal clear water. Climate is similar to Barbados, but the average temperature is 27 degrees.

Dominican Republic is the next proposal, which will charm you with coral lagoons and white beaches typical of the Caribbean. But that's not all. As tourists can enjoy the high mountains with dense rainforest. And have you seen Trafalgar Falls - one of the most picturesque places? If you do not hurry to take your ticket to the Dominican Republic. In economic terms, development is also good.

Have you heard about Puerto Vallarta and Cancun in Mexico? Puerto Vallarta is one of the most authentic and interesting resort areas in Mexico, but Cancun is the most beautiful and largest tourist resort in the country internationally. Cancun's beaches are covered with white sand and clear blue-green waters will make you fall in love with this place. Furthermore, there you can see the archaeological remains of piradimi, open-air museums. The variety of hotels makes room rates quite attractive. In Puerto Vallarta you the temperatures are between 18-30 degrees in December. And as prices are concerned in this Mexican resort - it is very tempting, for $ 100 you can rent a double room.

Beliz- country in Central America, the Yucatan Peninsula. Another sunny proposal. The country offers a very scattered coral islands, forming in the Western Hemisphere's largest coral reef, which is the second largest in Australia after the Great Barrier Reef. Tourists who are not fans of hotel chains can easily navigate to Bellis. In the country you can see many remnants of the Mayan civilization.

Phuket in Thailand is among nai popular destinations in Southeast Asia. Patong Beach is very famous among tourists. There you can enjoy the palm beaches with clean sand and May, as well as a lively nightlife with varied cuisine.

We finish our offer solar destination for Christmas and New Year with tropieskiyat Boracay Island, part of the Philippine archipelago. Will captivate you with its white and fine beaches. As the best time to visit this place warm advise you to choose from October to May. Then there is almost no rainfall and temperatures of 30-35 degrees.

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Ема, 12.12.2015

Аз си избрах Пукет в Тайланд, ще пиша на Дядо Коледа :)

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