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Traditions and legends wearing martenitzas ..

Author: ., 21.02.2017
Traditions and legends wearing martenitzas .., Picture
Traditions and legends wearing martenitzas .., Picture 1

March is coming! On the first of March in Bulgaria there is a tradition to put martenitsi ourselves and our fellow men. Martenitsa worn for health in our country could see even being of the animal. Martenitsas are not typical only for Bulgaria but also for the countries of the Balkan Peninsula. Such traditions have in Serbia, Albania, Moldova and Romania.

The name of Baba Marta comes from March. It symbolizes the end of winter and folklore character that banishes winter and cold is Baba Marta. With Baba Marta custom associated with the giving of martenitsas and when they tied bless Baba Marta. Nowadays it is considered that Baba Marta is a good old woman. According to folklore and folk legends and it was bad and angry at times.

The entire month of March is full of rituals that chase away evil spirits for a good harvest and have health throughout the year. Many customs are, however, disappeared in time. But the most famous remains decorating with martenitsa. There are various theories about martenitsa and where he comes from.

It is an ancient pagan tradition that occurs all over the Balkan Peninsula, but remains the most razprostraanen in Bulgaria. One legend martenitsa dates back to 1300 years ago. It states that the colors red and white are the result of spilled blood on white tissue that is colored red. At some places martenitsa make sense and trees and animals. In Bulgaria there is a belief that when you see a stork or a blooming tree must zakichesh martenitsa the tree.

Another legend tells that the white color is a symbol of the sun and the red of the Goddess of birth and death.

In our country it is considered that martenitsas wear favor the house. Therefore, thorough cleaning of the house makes the older woman before dawn stretches red-tile mat out.

Very often gets confusing that on March 1 name day celebrated Martin, Martina, but this date is celebrated only by bearing the name Martha. April 14 is the day of St. Martin.

In Romania martenitsi carry only women and children, and men should not wear them outdoors.

We Bulgarians are traditionalists and every year on March 1 are decorating for health martenitsa. So we expect the spring to come soon.

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