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Author: Мариана Иванова, 20.09.2012
Dracula, Picture
Dracula, Picture 1

  Castle "Bran" is located in central Romania between Transylvania and Wallachia, nearly 30 km south of the city of Brasov in the town of Bran. This is one of the most famous castles in Eastern Europe. Legend of the castle is that it is the main castle of Vlad Tepes - Wallachian ruler known as Count Dracula. Although Vlad Tepes never lived permanently palace is considered to have been locked up for a few days in the basement during the Ottoman domination in Transylvania.

   The territory of Bran Castle in 1212 and a building, built by the Knights of the Teutonic Order called that a blockhouse named Diytrihshtayn. The fortress served to control the way to southern Transylvania, which runs through the valley and many traders use the direct crossing of the Transylvanian Alps. Written evidence of Bran Castle is a document of Louis I - King of Hungary, allowing the Saxons to build a stone fort on the site of a wooden building. Gradually formed near the fortress town of Bran. In 1378 the first castle was used for protection against the Ottoman Turks. After some time has become a custom between Wallachia and Transylvania.

From 1920 Bran was the residence of the King of Romania. It's home, decorated with artifacts of Queen Mary. It is furnished with traditional furniture and tapestries that were collected personally by the Queen. Princess Ileana, her daughter succeeded him, but later the country's communist regime confiscated it, after the royal family was overthrown and deported in 1948

   In 2005 the Romanian government passed a law allowing restitution of property as Bran castle. For this reason, in 2006 the ownership of the castle of Prince of Tuscany, which is known as Dominic von Habsburg, son of Princess Ileana and architect in New York.

The castle was built by two rows of walls of stone and brick, which has traces of maces and swords used in the attacks of the palace. The castle has a basement, used for shutter 7-8 rooms, but unfortunately can not be seen today. The outer wall of the palace of brick rectangular holes guns gunning for pirates and stone. Part of the castle gate and includes a large round tower and is called Dijon. It consists of four floors and two cameras. On top of the tower is built observatory. Just below Dijon was built tank used for gun powder by the ancient inhabitants. At the start gate was round, but in 1625 it was transformed into rectangular. The gate was blocked with huge beams that can stop the boldest raids. The only way at this time to enter the castle was to climb a ladder 57 meters. The architecture of the palace was compared with that of the pyramids in Egypt, because to this day holds secrets and unexplained greatest scholars in this field.

   The castle is now a museum where you can see objects and furniture collected by the Duchess of Edinburgh, k-Miss Marie of Romania. At the foot of the hill on which it is built Bran is a museum complex that houses a traditional rural lifestyle and Romanian.

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