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The fascinating history of the village Hotnitsa!

Author: ., 24.01.2017
The fascinating history of the village Hotnitsa!, Picture
The fascinating history of the village Hotnitsa!, Picture 1The fascinating history of the village Hotnitsa!, Picture 2

 There are many reasons to visit the village Hotnitsa and now will reveal some of them. Those who have not been there do not know what to expect and what will meet. This paradise will fascinate you!

Located 15 km from Veliko Tarnovo and has a great cultural and historical value. The village is considered an archaeological phenomenon because it is part of the earliest inhabited Europe civilization. In and around the village have been found more than 5,000 artifacts and more than 70 villages, which date from antiquity to the Middle Ages. There are also remnants of the fortifications that time they have undergone improvement. Found quarry, Roman furnaces medieval village.

One of the most striking findings of archaeologists is unique in itself Hotnitsa treasure. It is made of natural znalo 24k and consists of 44 parts, weighing a total of nearly 350 grams. Today it is at the National History Museum in Sofia.

Years ago, in an ancient village about Hotnitsa archaeologists have discovered sculpture, which dates from the late fifth millennium BC. Discovered only part of it. It was marble, with clear panties. Presumably, it turns and goes to the cult of the ancients to the woman-mother.

Reason to go to Hotnitsa is unique radiating spokoystie and peace atmosphere. You will impress the lovely arranged yards and beekeeping products are houses. The village is preferred by many foreigners as a place to live because it is quiet.

During the warmer spring months can enjoy nature and feel refreshed. In the village Hotnitsa can admire Hotishki Falls. In the vicinity it is the most beautiful area. The waterfall can be reached by asgaltiran road starting from the village center. From there you can take the eco-trail starting from the spring formed under the waterfall. The trail continues to the summit by climbing more stairs, wooden bridges and marked lanes over the river. Bohot and thereby achieves otstreshtmniya Beach.

 Real name Hotishki Falls Kaya Bunar. It is 30 meters tall and smooth rocks it entwine. Today the left side in place of tap water have only a few tunnels that can bring you another stone observatory, which will reveal the falls from another angle. From there you can see a lot of sunny meadows, places for recreation.

Nearby there is a restaurant where you can eat or find a place to make picnics.

If you have free time and a desire to learn new and interesting things you should visit the village Hotnitsa!

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