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Aladja Monastery The - Varna

Author: Д. Колева, 4.4 km From Golden sands.    , GPS coordinates: N 43.2774547    E 28.0163082
Aladja Monastery The - Varna, Picture
Aladja Monastery The - Varna, Picture 1Aladja Monastery The - Varna, Picture 2Aladja Monastery The - Varna, Picture 3Aladja Monastery The - Varna, Picture 4

  10 km from Varna on the road to Golden Sands is one of the few rock monasteries in Bulgaria Aladzha monastery. Occurred within 12-13 v.v it settled ascetic monks. The name "aldzha" is of Turkish origin and means "spotted" for numerous murals dating from the early Middle Ages, some of whom preserved. According to historians and archaeologists ancient monastic cells have been inhabited since the 4th century

   The monastery is artificially carved rock on two levels above ground, are associated with pillars carved in the rock. The first "floor" were the monks' cells, kitchen and dining room, with two church. One is larger and probably used for festive liturgies. Under the small church is located crypt, which gives reason to believe that it is used for funeral rites.

The second is a chapel, which is only preserved brick part of the monastery. Here are preserved frescoes from the Middle Ages. It is well preserved ceiling, which clearly shows the image of Christ's Resurrection.

   Near the main part of the monastery is the "Catacombs". These are a small group of buildings located on three levels. The second level is a large room at one end of which is located five charnel house built in the rock tomb. The other two levels are likely to be used for living quarters.

   Natural disasters and weather managed to erase much of the monastery, but folk art and the human imagination created fanciful stories of fabulous wealth and wandering spirits of the monks, hidden amongst endless underground labyrinths.

Somewhere over the centuries has gone real name of the monastery. According to some sources was called "St. Spas". Today has reached us only porobitelskoto Aladzha sacred name. After the fall of Bulgaria under Ottoman rule, and until today, the monastery was abandoned.

   Orthodox name of the monastery "Holy Trinity". Declared a cultural monument. In the museum created it has exposed artifacts and exhibits of the monks who inhabited it.

The territory of the monastery is located in a very beautiful area which is very pleasant for hiking and walking. Meals and lodging at the monastery are not available, but the resorts have excellent facilities.

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Мерита, 24.09.2014

Имах удоволствието да посетя този манастир и съм възхитена от природата и творението на монасите. Мястото е много красиво и лесно достъпно. Входа е 5 лв.Искам да предупредя всички, които ще посетят това интересно място, да си пазят личните вещи,защото стават много често гражби от автомобилите. На мои познати им откраднаха багажа, а в деня, в който бяхме там на друга кола и бяха счупили прозореца и също им бяха откраднали багажа, явно това е практика на това място.

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