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Ancient city of Kabyle - Yambol

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Ancient city of Kabyle - Yambol, Picture

   Yambol is located on both picturesque banks of the river Tunja, quiet and beautiful town attracts with its fresh air, fresh greenery that surrounds it, is surrounded by spacious gardens and vineyards. Yambol is ancient history, many times over the years has changed its name. The streets have kept their ancient original form with its cobblestone pavement, some buildings have preserved its authentic character, just seven kilometers north-west is the most important ancient Thracian settlement reached today - Kabyle. He in the ancient period the city was economically strong, important cultural and religious center in Southeast Lower Trace and Tunja. Of Ottoman rule remained several architectural monuments - the only well-preserved indoor market in Bulgaria - the shopping center, the Muslim shrine Eski mosque, churches "St. Trinity "and" George "who have played an important role during slavery and have kept alive the national spirit, traditions and literature. In memory of Russian soldiers gave their lives for the liberation of Yambol, near the town built a memorial to the Russian-Bulgarian friendship "Alexander Nevsky". It is interesting to know the multifaceted history of the region. The ancient city of Kabyle occurred in the late second millennium BC, on a hill known as the "peak spatial organization" by the river Tunja Tonzos today, surrounded by a large religious center, the hill and the river create a natural defense, and the sanctuary of the goddess receives Kabyle its name. It is believed that the ancient settlement was first established capital of the Thracian king Teres country. In 341 years the city has settled the Macedonian king Philip II, a later resident Macedonians and Alexander the Great, was the residence of the Kings, there were minted coins throughout the Hellenistic era is its continued prosperity. Shortly before Christ came under the domination of the Romans led by Marcus Lucullus, continues to grow as military, transport and commercial center of the Roman province of Thrace. During archeological excavations have found remains of this period of Roman baths, city gates, barracks, public buildings, they are magnificent works of architecture and master skills from Roman times. Unique basilica built in the fourth century, when city Kabyle important episcopal center bear the signs of early Christianity. One three-aisled basilica with a mosaic floors, the lower nave is fitted with a baptistery. Over 378 years is now the possession of the Goths, there is up to the sixth century, when it was destroyed by the Avars, and later this place was built medieval village. During the reign of Tervel 705g. town in the territories of Bulgaria, dramatic events are run and turned into an impregnable fortress of great importance in Southern Bulgaria. The first attempts to explore the ancient city began in 1912. by a team led by Professor Bogdan Filov in long archaeological excavations found valuable artifacts that are exhibited for visitors to the museum archaeologists, are conducted several conserved and restored operations, organizing international scientific forums, publications out research and survey information . The area covers 600 acres on which the ancient town was built in 1965. was declared a cultural monument of national importance, from the hill you have wonderful views of the vast plain and the river valley.

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