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Ancient city of Novаe - Svishtov

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Ancient city of Novаe - Svishtov, Picture
Ancient city of Novаe - Svishtov, Picture 1Ancient city of Novаe - Svishtov, Picture 2Ancient city of Novаe - Svishtov, Picture 3Ancient city of Novаe - Svishtov, Picture 4

  Four kilometers from the town of Svishtov vast area of ​​240 acres. is located on the ancient military bivouac, the ruins are spread on both sides of the road that connects Svishtov and Byala, close to the picturesque Danube shore. He created 45 AD. by order of the Roman emperor Claudius, built on the ruins of an ancient Thracian settlement. The first known settlers in these lands since the Neolithic, 3000-3600g. BC., 30 years after Christ. these lands were inhabited by Thracians, who have fallen under the rule of Marcus Licinius Crassus, '48 Augustus Roman legion based temporary military camp in '69 at the time of Emperor Trajan, here I have Italian legion sent to defend the borders of the Roman Empire by Dacians inhabited the lands beyond the Danube. Around the camp of the legion then arises an important and powerful city, is a crucial fact that is the crossroad to the land of Constantinople and the Black Sea Philippopolis. Well fortified camp with strong walls, was originally a wooden tower, replaced over time by high stone towers, there is nearly four centuries. In the late third and early fourth century, in the military fort began to be settled and civilians near it were found remains of another ancient village where crafts and trade flourished. It was destroyed in the fifth century by the Huns, after this site was established late-antique city. There have been many excavations and research findings of a military town, it is the best preserved remains of a military camp northwest provinces of the Roman Empire, consists of a main building, housing officers, one of the largest hospitals built by Emperor Trajan in the wars with Dacians legionary baths. Remarkable hospital stands with columns and a sanctuary of the gods Asclepius and Hygeia, located in the courtyard, spacious hospital premises are maintained furnaces that heat the water and air for floor and wall heating, the finds from archaeological studies are a valuable treasure of coins from fifth century sculpture of Emperor Caracalla / 186-217g. / pieces of bronze statues found a number of inscriptions. When the Roman Emperor Constantine, 313g. after the adoption of Christianity city had its own bishop with a large living space with a huge basilica from the fifth century, which has beautiful marble pulpit made by the imperial court in Constantinople, showing the importance of the military town of this historic era.

  The attention attracted large Roman villa from the second century, located west of the fortress walls, presumably been the residence of the leader of the Legion, with gorgeous decoration, color coating and unique murals, the courtyard was equipped with a pool. In the area near the necropolis were discovered over a hundred graves. Excavations continue to this day run and conservation activities by the frescoes of information boards can see computer reconstructions of ancient military camp. The castle is part of the defense system built on the Danube. In 1968 Nove was declared an architectural monument of national importance. In Svishtov there are many historical monuments and historical-ethnographic museum, museum of urban life and culture museum in memory of Russian troops, the museum "Aleko Konstantinov" Visitor Center at the archaeological reserve, churches, monasteries, causing the interest of many tourists and make it a desirable destination on our itinerary.

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