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Archaeological Reserve Deultum - Develt

Author: Стела Горова, 9 km From Drachevo.    , GPS coordinates: N 42.3874467    E 27.2841373
Archaeological Reserve Deultum - Develt, Picture
Archaeological Reserve Deultum - Develt, Picture 1Archaeological Reserve Deultum - Develt, Picture 2Archaeological Reserve Deultum - Develt, Picture 3Archaeological Reserve Deultum - Develt, Picture 4

Archaeological Reserve Deultum - Develt is located 10 km west of the city of Burgas, in the land of Sredetska Debelt village. Deultum is the only archaeological site in the country with "European cultural heritage." According to sources, the name of the ancient Thracian settlement has the root meaning "place between two swamps." Deultum ancient city was declared a national archaeological reserve in 1988 32 years ago for the first time began archaeological investigations of the region, which continues today. Deultum - Develt was an ancient settlement founded during the reign of the Roman Emperor Vespasian (69-79). the site of an ancient Thracian settlement from the seventh century. etc.. Chr. The Roman colony was settled military veterans August Legion participated in the suppression of the revolt in Judea. Veterans were rewarded for their excellent land between today's complex Mandra and Bourgas lakes. Because of its strategic location, Deultum quickly became an important commercial center, and during the Severan dynasty settlement was in its heyday. Its area reaches more than 250 acres, build road network and infrastructure are built numerous temples and at the time of Emperor Septimius Severus was built and the temple of the imperial cult. The town even had its own emissions of bronze coins, some of which have been found in archaeological excavations and can be seen in the museum part of the reserve. Deultum - Develt became a major economic center - developing fisheries, agriculture, many crafts, metallurgy and most - already trade in the Middle Ages and has established itself as one of the - largest ports of strategic importance. Deultum - Develt was conquered in 812 by the army of Khan Krum, who migrated population in the city is settled Bulgars. The settlement soon became an important border crossing between Byzantium and Bulgaria with ancient customs, which next 200 Bulgarian rulers received an annual tax of Byzantine emperors.   Archaeological finds in the area are numerous and invaluable - found the remains of a Roman bath, the foundations of the palace, many temples, several large coin treasures, statues, pottery, inscriptions, small finds, which can be seen both in the Archaeological Museum in the town. Burgas and on-site archaeological base in. Debelt.

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