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Architectural Reserve - the village of Broad bow

Author: П. Я. , 531 metres From Shiroka Laka.    , GPS coordinates: N 41.6789687    E 24.5829406
Architectural Reserve - the village of Broad bow, Picture

  In the Western Rhodopes in the municipality of Smolyan has preserved its authentic appearance even today, is nestled a small village, but with a rich history and unique cultural heritage. Village Wide Luka is an architectural and ethnographic reserve, population about 900 inhabitants, it keeps many traditions and customs. It boasts a long history and numerous musical performances.

   It is located between two picturesque banks of the majestic Rhodope Shirokolashka in 1060 meters altitude. River played a big part of the name of the village, so named for the broad river fork. Located 24 km from Smolyan and 11 km from Pamporovo ski resort. Well-preserved authentic look of the village carries us to the Renaissance. Large number of houses have kept Rhodope architectural style, arched bridges, towering above the river, the typical local population dialect, songs and customs reveal to us the possibility to get acquainted with Bulgarian culture and lifestyle of the population.

  The village is built in the 17th century, at the time the local population was applied forcible conversion to Islam of the Turkish oppressors, but the oldest surviving houses from the 19th century. There are more than ninety objects declared monuments, the houses are typical of old architecture, two-storeyed oriel invariably high stone dovari, heavy forged doors, small wooden windows, couches arranged around the outer walls and winding staircases, among which are twisted narrow cobblestone streets. The most attractive Bogdanova, Kaladzhiyskata, Grigorova house. Exhibits an open ethnographic museum trace bits and cultural life of the population.

    Astonishment caused the church "Assumption" with unique interior decoration and exterior, built in 1834, especially iconostasis which is supposed to be painted by students of Dimitar and Zahari Zograf in the yard there is school. The local school was opened in 1830 and is shown in Palamarchovata house first teacher started there is Atanas Grigorov.

  Today Shiroka Luka is famous folkloric musical High School, whose graduates represent our colorful folklore not only at home but glorify the name of Bulgaria in the world. There are many live by the Bulgarian traditions and distinctive customs, in the first days of March is celebrated kukeri custom "Pesponedelnik", performed by young men dressed in special costumes and original masks performing ritual around the village scenes and ritual dances that express the eternal struggle between good and evil. This is an ancient pagan elements with Christian for whom it was believed that brings abundance, health, fertility, and patterns are out of mythology. To local mummers mummers joined up across the country began universal joy, people and entertainment for young and old. Revived is a very interesting spring festival Lazarov day it actively mine, they decked out in folk costumes singing songs lazarski health and prosperity. On this day in the past young men have chosen their elected representatives. Luka is a broad and sound of bagpipes used in accompaniment of their songs.

   Not far from the village to see the outlines of the rock monument and head, will be happy to deliver the beauty of the underground palace Uhlovitsa, mountain lovers will feel the scent of green meadows and ancient woods with climbing nearby peaks. You can expect a charming chalets, hotels and guest houses with suggestions for a memorable vacation.

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