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 Veliko Tarnovo is the old town played a huge role in Bulgarian history. It originated in the Middle Ages, flourished for centuries and during the Second Bulgarian Kingdom / 1187g.-1393 /., Became the capital of the country. Proclaimed for it during the reign of Asen and Peter and they make it impregnable city is krepost.Hilyadoletniya situated on three hills Tsarevets, Trapezitsa and St. Gora.Na most strategic location and well-fortified hill turns Tsarevets fortress built there and became the most important of the kingdom. We have some evidence that people lived here even 4200g. bc. Over the years the village has grown and changed its inhabitants. In the 9th century old Bulgarian has thrived and built prez12 century fortress whose ruins we see today. Czech scientist Karel Shkorpil made, the first archaeological excavations in 1886, but only partial and intermittent due to lack of funds. In-depth studies were made after 1946. Based on who can make accurate inferences and conclusions about the lifestyle of the population, their spiritual culture, to gain an idea of ​​the materials and architecture. It is estimated that construction of the fortress wall has undergone three stages that have it constantly transforming. The hill was surrounded by an imposing wall long 2 m and 2.60 m wide. Impregnable fortress has three entrances, the gates were defended by towers. Baldwin only survived, got its name because there was held the emperor. At first there was a major port timber drawbridge, the second is the small port / Assen / and the third is Frenkhisarskata gate.

Palace complex is located in downtown area of ​​4872 square meters is built of a composite internal structures surrounded by stone walls, towering above the two towers until they can be entered from the north or the south western part vhod.V is the throne room and entrance of the palace. Along the eastern wall were located residential and business premises. Castle church "St. Petka" can be seen in the eastern courtyard. Well fortified medieval palace was built in several stages and has preserved Bulgarian culture over the centuries. Was burned in 1393. the fall of Tarnovo by the Turks. During the excavations found a unique gold, stone objects, engravings and pottery, which testify to the mastery of zanayatchiite.Balgarskata Patriarchate is the second single ensemble occupying area of ​​3000 kv.m.Toy a fortress with a unique shape of an irregular polygon, surrounded by fortress walls and towers. Church "Holy Ascension" centrality was built in two stages and was richly adorned inside and remarkable architecture. In the Patriarchate also has remnants of residential and business premises. Today, Memorial Temple was rebuilt during archaeological studies. Tsarevets with its majestic beauty attracts tourists from all over the world.


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Мимси, 27.02.2012

На 3-ти март в 20 часа гражданите и гостите на В. Търново ще имат възможността безплатно да станат свидетели на спектакъла "Звук и светлина".

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