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Wonderful Bridges

Author: , 18.9 km From Brestnik.    , Адрес: Chepelare, с. Забърдо
Wonderful Bridges, Picture
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 Wonderful bridges are known landmark in the Western Rhodopes, which fascinates us with its beauty and splendor, located at 1,450 meters altitude in the picturesque karst valley of the trape. In the past the area was known as Erkyupria the name in Turkish means rocky land bridge. They are unique rock formations and are known as rock bridges will see them at the foot of Neolithic dwellings. In the past, the river was deep, passage is deep water cave and over the years and the impact of erosion in places the ceiling collapsed, thus forming two beautiful marble bridge. Five kilometers northwest of the village Zabardo them, it has to the natural creation and road. 

    There is a legend according to which the village of Zabardo dragon appeared and began ravaging the land, concerns all along the way people try to outsmart the beast, sent against him an ass laden with combustible dust, he swallowed down the dragon, and tinder that flamed him pogubilo but after remaining bridges - the bones of the beast. Great places to reach 15 meters and its length is almost one hundred meters, forming three arches, the largest has a height of 45 meters and width 40 meters. Small hole in the bridge is like a tunnel - it starts with a larger aperture graduallynarrows is remote from the first two hundred meters with a total height of 50 meters is 60 meters long, the composition ends with third even smaller bridge, which is rather a cave entrance, which absorbs the water of the river and it appears only after three kilometers, some kata Ice Cave because of ice that lingers long after the onset of summer. Bridges are surrounded by venerable pine trees, mostly spruce and gorgeous greenery with the scent of geraniums and fresh flowers. 

    Both natural rock bridges are safe and accessible for curious tourists can safely walk, enjoy the magnificent views, to take pictures with which to capture this magical corner of our beautiful country. Some tourists do not resist the temptation and write your name with charcoal massive stone walls of the large bridge, which find their home birds and bats. The area is dotted with numerous caves which unfortunately are not cultivated and obezopaseni.Fenomenalnite bridges were declared to be a valuable tourist site and are included to the list of hundred tourist sites in Bulgaria.Opportunity to rest and night in this magical place available nearby huts "Wonderful Bridges" and "rock bridge", you will receive an estimated printing sightseeing trails go to the huts Kabata, Persenik, Persenik peak at the foot of which runs an ancient Roman road.

You can continue to explore the Rhodope beauty by heading to the fascination of caves Uhlovitsa, Jagodina, Devil's Throat, architectural and ethnographic reserve wide Luka, Smolyan




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Росица Денева, 01.04.2012

Имам печати от всички родопски хубости!

Татяна Билчева, 01.04.2012

Била съм на всички изброени места,
многа пъти и винаги са ме впечатлявали.
Винаги си тръгвам пречистена, облагородена
и имам желание отново да се върна.
Не е въпросът в печатите-а усещане
което трудно се описва с думи, ако не си поет,
или художник да ги нарисуваш,
че те оставят без дъх и си способен само да ахкаш...

Родопите са величествени,обожавам ги и и, 30.07.2013

Родопите винаги са ме вълнували ,те са божествени, не пропущам година без да ги посетя,чудните мостове,дяволското гърло,ягодинската пещера,реката Чая ,всичко в Родопите е велико,Смолян,Девин,Широка лъка,Рожен,Снежанка,Пампорово, беде там и ще бъдете изумени от дествеността и чистотата на ВЕЛИКИТЕ РОДОПИ!!!!!!!

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