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"St. St. Theodore Tyron and Theodore Stratilat "- Dobarsko

Author: Т. Димитрова, 53 metres From Dobarsko.    , GPS coordinates: N 41.9707223    E 23.4740066
"St. St. Theodore Tyron and Theodore Stratilat "- Dobarsko, Picture

   Dobarsko is a small village situated in the Rila Mountain, about twenty kilometers from the Bansko. The picturesque village existed since the First Empire. Evidence of this is legend of the first settlers in the lands of Dobarsko. They were not random people, previously stated that the first inhabitants of these lands were Samuel soldiers captured and blinded in battle near the village of Key. After the defeat of his soldiers drove to Rila Monastery, but through them caught in a severe winter and a large part of the army decided to winter here and thus created a settlement. Their choice of exactly these lands was not random, and not accidentally Dobarsko name you have chosen. Right here at the present village, they found a spring of mineral water, thanks to which they are healing. The waters of the holy spring spring until today, you will find them in the yard of the church "St. Teodor Tiron and Teodor Stratilat. "

  The medieval church was a small building of stone and mortar. The appearance is like a temple, it was a requirement of the Turks. The temple was built as a basilica. Without a dome and belfry, half the land the church rather resembles a fortress rather than a house of prayer. And perhaps this similarity is not accidental, its builders wanted their spiritual stronghold is noticeable for their conquerors. The lack of impressive size of the church are offset by rich paintings made from natural materials, which is still reserved in its authentic form. Every inch of the temple is covered with beautiful paintings which reflect local legends and biblical scenes, you will find images of many saints. For patrons of the temple were selected Byzantine wars "St. Teodor Tiron and Teodor Stratilat" - known for his strong faith in Christ. Besides its rich history, unusual appearance and size, the church is known for its unique murals. It is in this church is seen and one of the most famous and enigmatic paintings of Jesus Christ in a rocket. Nowadays the church is open to visitors. It was declared a cultural monument and is among the monuments under UNESCO protection.


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