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Mosque "Seven girls" - v. Horseshoe

Author: Д. Колева, 10.2 km From Kirkovo.    , Адрес: Kirkovo, с. Подкова, GPS coordinates: N 41.3997328    E 25.4024505
Mosque "Seven girls" - v. Horseshoe, Picture

  When you mention the word mosque in the minds of most people, unconfessed Islam emerges the image of a large temple, minaret, visible from miles away, with high walls that seemed to reach the sky, soft and beautiful Persian carpets, which entering is a real pleasure, in other words, a true masterpiece of architectural art. But Bulgaria has a temple that is far closer to that splendor, but it is unusual. Small, but his story is great. I do not collect many pilgrims, but those who visit love it and suffered his pain together.

  Not far from town is Kirkovo Horseshoe picturesque village and there is a wooden mosque. A small wooden building dating from 1438. It is believed that this is one of the oldest mosques in the Balkans. Built entirely from timber in the building and used a single metal nail. The logs of beams with impressive size and are connected to each other with grooves that enter into each other. In places used wooden nails.

  Locals call it "The Mosque of the seven girls' and tell story about the power of humanity. In this long-vanished village Ramollar lived seven girls, seven young men in love with the soldiers who went to war. When the girls received the sorrowful news that their loved killed at the front, decided not to marry and never to indulge in their faith. Gathered her dowry, sold it, and bought with money logs to start building. For one night the mosque was built. But the girls disappeared. Never to be seen or heard anything about tyah.Izgubili in the darkness of night, but left behind a temple and legend, which existed for centuries. This happened on May 6 and then, and to this day every year in the courtyard of the wooden mosque together people from all over to pay their respects. Interestingly, the area around the village has logging that are old, and in the rocks can be seen strange grooves that people claim to have traces left by dragging logs.

  Another legend says that during the Balkan War the village was burned and people sought refuge in a mosque. But the commander of the army, the church is not spared and ordered to burn him. At that moment, appeared from nowhere and began turkeys to extinguish the fire. The orders of the commander did not stop and the soldiers continued to burn, but turkeys do not stop to extinguish. Finally, the soldiers realized that they can not fulfill orders and abandoned people were saved, and the commander speechless.

  Today the mosque is active and recently restored. It was declared a cultural monument. It can be easily reached by car.

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