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ETARA Ethnographic museum - Gabrovo

Author: Павлина , 9.5 km From Gabrovo.    , Адрес: Gabrovo, Етъра
ETARA Ethnographic museum - Gabrovo, Picture
ETARA Ethnographic museum - Gabrovo, Picture 1ETARA Ethnographic museum - Gabrovo, Picture 2ETARA Ethnographic museum - Gabrovo, Picture 3ETARA Ethnographic museum - Gabrovo, Picture 4

 Situated along the river Yantra Gabrovo has numerous natural and cultural monuments, with a long history and iconic humor about it. This determines the existence of the unique home of humor and satire. There are collected the works of artists from many countries. Remote 8 km. of Gabrovo, situated at the foot of Stara Planina is the only museum ethnographic museum in the country. Project was made by Lazar Donkov.

  Construction began in 1963. under his leadership, but officially opened just a year later in September the seventh, the building includes several stages, is situated on a large area and has about 50 buildings. They are divided in different thematic exhibits designed to reveal the economic and economic development of the city and its surroundings, architecture and lifestyle of people during the Renaissance period. It has been reconstructed to some traditions, crafts and pottery, furs, weaving, iconography, bakery, to stay alive in the minds of generations and preserve the unique national treasure. All sites are operating it allows visitors to experience the distinctive artistry and talent of the craftsmen to acquire original handicrafts of wood, wool, metal, leather .. Every day, tiny cobbled streets of the bazaar is filled with curious tourists walking between the ancient fountains, gas lamps and momentarily transported to another world of colorful magic of the Bulgarian Renaissance. We can enjoy the delicious traditional dishes. For those wishing to learn or to know more detail in a trade is offered specialized training.

  In architectural and ethnographic complex shows a unique gathering of the technique of water, including 10 sites - mills, fulling-mill, lathe, grinder, mills, mill waterwheel became the emblem of the complex. Was restored and the existing old mill. We can not visit the museum of history education in the April School, where the graves of patriot Vasil Aprilov and in front of his monument. Gabrovo is famous for its incredible beauty of the "Usana" - Bulgarian geographical center. "Museum" was declared a national ethnographic park in 1967. And 1971. is now a cultural monument. Because of the many beautiful sights occupies 19th place in the list of hundred national historic site. Have their own broadcast and clock tower, "Dechkovata house" church "St. Assumption "altar" Petka "..... monument of the founder of the city Racho the Blacksmith is built directly into the River. Yantra. Because that worked under enormous elm city got its name.

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