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Lake Kleptuza - Velingrad

Author: М. Иванова, 377 metres From Velingrad.    , Адрес: Velingrad, ез. Клептуза
Lake Kleptuza - Velingrad, Picture
Lake Kleptuza - Velingrad, Picture 1Lake Kleptuza - Velingrad, Picture 2Lake Kleptuza - Velingrad, Picture 3Lake Kleptuza - Velingrad, Picture 4

  Kleptuza Lake is the largest spring in Bulgaria karst type - located on the right bank of the river Chepinska near the mountainside in Chepino, Velingrad. Eponymous park with two lakes is a symbol of the city. Most of its water is used for drinking purposes, while the rest forms two lakes that flow into Chepinska, then the Maritsa River and the Aegean Sea. South of karst spring stretch pine forests that have become a natural park, frequented by the city's residents and visitors, especially during the summer.

  There is a legend about the famous Lake Kleptuza. Naturally associated with love. The spring was named after the girl told Clapp is from the famous family of Uzi. She was smart and beautiful. Probably the most beautiful in the area. Clapp, each girl has had a secret - a shared love. Both young men met secretly in the woods. But the girl's parents want to settle down for a rich bigwig from the nearby village who had no heart, but had no money. His soul was dead beauty cold and lifeless words. The girl decided to run away with her lover, who wanted to take her. But to get there, had to cross the forest. During this time, and from there crossed the Ottomans. They noticed the beauty of the Bulgarian and then chased. She decided to hide but failed and just before it caught requested Lord, the earth would swallow it in order not to fall into Ottoman hands. God heard her prayers, the earth split and the girl lost in it. When sight of pursuers gushed from the pit clear water and drowned their pursuers. Today, water still flows formed lake is still beautiful, but because the girl they like to call themselves Uza Kleptuza.

  From Lake Kleptuza a great number of marked trails leading to places Birches, Harman, gray water, etc..

Velingrad is one of the most famous spa and spa locations. The city is famous for its medicinal water and climate conducive to many diseases. There are numerous hotels, many of which are luxurious. Velingrad is a wonderful place for recreation in winter and summer.

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Дора Попова, 14.07.2013

Парк Клептуза е красив,но с ресторантите,които се намират там не всичко е както трябва,в събота и неделя не се издават касови бележки на клиентите и така винаги остава едно съмнение относно тяхната верност,моята компания получи ръчно написана сметка,без подпис и печат даже.

много наивно ми звучи ,изисквайте си ваш, 19.06.2014

предстои ми почивка във велинград,обожавам го, не разбирам писането от попова ,да си е изискала касова бележка ,не после да се оплаква

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