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Great Basilica Pliska

Author: , 4.2 km From Pliska.    , GPS coordinates: N 43.3985269    E 27.1386069
Great Basilica Pliska, Picture
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   Near National historical archaeological preserve "Pliska" are the ruins of a religious palace complex Big Basilica, also known as Episcopal basilica, consisting of a cathedral, monastery and the archiepiscopal palace. It is among the largest and most impressive basilicas in Southeast Europe, one hundred meters in length and width of 30 meters, the religious complex of the second half of the ninth century to the middle of the eleventh became an important Christian center in the 250 years function as cathedral , princely and episcopal church where religious-centered spiritual life of the ancient city and our country in the Middle Ages. 875 is completed, and is surrounded by four-foot solid stone wall topped by massive cliffs. It is unusual building, built on a cruciform mausoleum, played an important role in ancient Bulgarians is open T.Totev suggests that a pagan temple of unknown type. One hypothesis is that there was martirium the first martyr St. Bulgarian Boyan Enravota executed for treason to the existing traditions in 832 years, unless there is a cruciform church was a well-spring, was destroyed martiriuma g.ot 865 supporters of paganism .

  The construction of the basilica in his place shows links between the two religious monument. According to another theory building was first built as a mausoleum of the Bulgarian khans, after conversion of the Bulgarians, they tried to turn it into a cathedral, but the structure and not passed and collapsed, according to some scientists it is a plausible hypothesis. There have been many studies of the great basilica were discovered remains of the episcopal residence in the northern courtyard was a palace, west of it was located bathroom with hypocaust. Discovered three-part building south of the basilica, which served as a school, unless there is worship and studying the construction, architecture, law. It is assumed that students of Cyril and Methodius put the beginning of the Slavic literary school worked here. There are a few of the acropolis graves of those monastic fraternity are southwest of the Basilica, others are secular, there are buried aristocrats. Open the location of the monastery premises where a central place is reserved for the kitchen and dining room, there are ten identical cells in which monks lived, located in two buildings in the eastern part of the yard in the middle is the monastery well and bathroom with cross design has business and support buildings.

 The cathedral is surrounded by a large number of columns leading to the inner temple is basilica with an altar and two special rooms. Religious complex was built outside the city walls of the old town, so it is protected by its strong wall with a length of 470 m. Built of large hewn stone blocks on some of them can be seen carved signs characteristic of Proto-Bulgarians, gates, fortified with defense towers open a path with stone 1.5 kilometers long. connecting the two forts. The archaeological excavations folisi of Basil I and his sons of Leo VI and his brother Alexander, different groups of pottery-pottery from clay sand from the 10th century, sivolaskava ceramic, glazed, 11th century until well baked thin. It is assumed that the complex was destroyed in mid 11vek Pechenegs during invasions, many of the remains are so spoiled and destroyed valuable historical and cultural monuments. Today, the temple can be seen two walls and a side altar and episcopal palace was reconstructed in part. Authentic scale model of the Great Basilica is stored in the historical museum in January Pliska.

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