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Tomb of Bast in Strandja

Author: Д. Колева, 15.5 km From Malko Tarnovo.    , GPS coordinates: N 41.9907817    E 27.4825084
Tomb of Bast in Strandja, Picture

  Strandja Mountain is located on the southeastern border of Bulgaria. Divided into two different countries with two different people with different languages, customs and beliefs. Evening green forests and sing songs of fairies in the morning clear brook whisper tales of ancient Thracians, bold character of glorious battles and various deities. Here lies the mountain rich history, Thracian sanctuaries, Christian monuments, Islamic values. But there is a peak, towering high above the other, preserving the mystery that may never solved.

  31 years ago gradishte large peak was only the most - the highest point of the Bulgarian part of Strandja, but today is not so. Today we tell stories about sarkofag prophetic writings, Egyptian goddess with the head of a cat for extra-terrestrials created mankind. It all begins when vague map, written in a tongue falls into BAS. Quickly formed a team of scientists and lovers of adventure, to read the card, but alas, the signs are not seen until now. According to some researchers consult the prophetess Vanga, others say she herself became interested in it. In the words of the prophet in Strandja Mountain is the "Ark", they laid the body of a goddess who is the head of a cat. Is brought to our land of men in black leather and the sea is hidden deep in the ground to keep the truth about the world. People brought the ark, were killed in order to remain secret undisclosed. Vanga said that even the ark is found, it is written of him will be read.

  Her words were a sufficient reason for Lyudmila Zhivkova and she immediately financed an expedition to the place described by Vanga. The head of the research team Krastyu Mutafchiev who was her adviser. According to him, at the foot of Gradishte Egyptian goddess Bast lie, patroness of joy, love and fertility. Daughter and wife of Ra, the goddess worshiped in ancient Egypt. In the stories of participants in the excavation very first night, after the rising of the moon faced unusual. On the west wall appeared two human figures illuminated. Later it was found that these are monuments hologram appearing on certain days of the year. Excavations taking place in complete secrecy. There are several findings and experts returned to Sofia to examine them. Shortly thereafter Zhivkova died and financing "Bast mission" ends. Everything happened in Strandja wrapped in secrets and mystery dogatki. There is a belief that all of the expedition were overtaken by a curse.

  Whether in the heart of Strandja is the goddess Bastet pyramid, or as claimed by most modern historians are fictions, can not understand, at least for now. Whether naturally or by someone the excavation site is currently flooded with water. Most scholars today argue that Ludmila was led and what inputs are found in Thracian mines, but on the other hand there are tales of experts who participated in the expedition. Perhaps the "Tomb of Bast" is just a theory, not based on scientific evidence and too brave to awaken grave suspicions, or perhaps are not ready to know the truth about the world. We'll leave the historians to answer questions, and we just hope in time this finding to be made available to us and it is possible to enjoy the architectural heritage left us by the Egyptians or the Thracians.

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М.Г., 05.07.2012

Сериозна статия с толкова много правописни грешки!!! Поработете над това, излагате се!

Сиси, 05.07.2012

Статията е страхотна, изпълнена със съдържание! Поздравления за автора!

Александър Иванов, 05.07.2012

Ехеее, чак пък много правописни може би са няколко пунктуационни, но пък за сметка на това е интересно представена легендата...

Гоша григарович, 14.03.2014

Не верте писанине)!я нашел в 2009 году эту гробницу-эта библиотека с запечатанным саркофагом-который я сам открыть никак не смогу и находится она не в странджи ,а в Хисаории))!!а над входом глаз гравирован!!кому интересно ?

Георгиевна Катерина, 31.03.2014

Не верте писанине)!я нашел в 2009 году эту гробницу-эта библиотека с запечатанным саркофагом-который я сам открыть никак не смогу и находится она не в странджи ,а в Хисаории))!!а над входом глаз гравирован!!кому интересно ?
А мне очень интересно. Что такое что нашел, где оно, кто писал, какие артефакты есть... Давай, пожалуйста... И спасибо!

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