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The thracian tomb of Seuthus III

Author: Павлина , 1.8 km From Shipka.    
The thracian tomb of Seuthus III , Picture
The thracian tomb of Seuthus III , Picture 1The thracian tomb of Seuthus III , Picture 2The thracian tomb of Seuthus III , Picture 3The thracian tomb of Seuthus III , Picture 4

  Near the town of Shipka, 12 km. north of Kazanlak several high mounds guarding the precious relics, Kosmatka is one of the highest on the Balkan Peninsula, gets the name because of the large oak trees covering it. Height reaches 20 m, diameter 90, inside and built a temple of the Thracian king in the tomb-mausoleum were discovered many valuable finds of Thracian culture, it is one of the most significant discoveries of archaeologists, built three centuries BC and was discovered in 2004 from the entrance of the temple shall be 13 m long corridor with walls of stone and processed into wooden beams covered with 1.60 m wide and high places to 2.45 m, which leads to three cameras. The first chamber is rectangular with rounded arches, there was found the skeleton of a horse, the second round with a dome height of 4.5 m, and the marble door is decorated with plastic ornaments in blue and red, images of female heads. The third chamber resembles a sarcophagus, dug in granite block, inside is shaped bed ritual burial of a Thracian ruler with rich gifts, over 20 gold items, gold ornaments on his sword, golden harness with great images of her ornament, horse applications, and is found gold wreath of oak leaves and acorns, deer head, head of the goddess, ritual vessels, distinguished kiliks gold / wine glass / with exquisite craftsmanship, unique outdoor virtu resembling the Mediterranean mussel. In the mound was buried bronze head of a bearded man with eyes of semi natural size stones dating from the mid 5th century BC. Have been deciphered inscriptions in Thracian tomb from which it is assumed that the head represents king buried here Seuthes III, the famous master of the city of Kazanlak. During the summer the church is open for visits, but from November to May open only in preliminary orders, and delivered lectures in English.

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Павлина Тодорова, 24.04.2012

През 2010 бях там,нещо уникално е.Заслужава си човек да я посети.

Marinela Ivanova, 24.04.2012

Minalata godina bqh tam.Tova e unikalna nahodka,trqbva da se vidi nepremenno,posetete go!

Мария Георгиева, 10.02.2013

Впечатлена съм от тази гробница. В района на Казанлък има много тракийски находки и могили, но предполагаемата гробница на Севт е уникална :) Служителите там са много любезни и обясняват всичко с такава увлекателност. За съжаление не е разрешено да се снима. Оригиналните находки са изложени в зала Трезор на Историческия музей в Казанлък, а в самата гробница са положени техните копия.

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