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Temple - monument "Nativity" - Shipka

Author: ..., 405 metres From Shipka.    
Temple - monument "Nativity" - Shipka, Picture
Temple - monument "Nativity" - Shipka, Picture 1Temple - monument "Nativity" - Shipka, Picture 2

 In the southern foothills of the Balkan mountains near the town of Shipka rises towering temple-monument "Nativity," long before you get to see him shine of gilded domes and hear the melodious voice of seventeen bells placed there. Unique monument ukovechava heroism and sacrifice of the Russian soldiers and Bulgarian volunteers who gave their lives for the liberation of our country during the Russo-Turkish War, maintained alive in our minds the memory of the heroism and express our respect and gratitude. Created is original architectural design of talented architect Antoni Tomishko and has fascinating inner face, blinding him for a kind of merit and architects and Alexander Smirnov Pomerantsev, who designed the magnificent iconostasis made in St. Petersburg, and the overall layout is reminiscent of Russian churches in the 17th century.

  The temple is architectural masterpiece, with typical Russian construction details were shaped, four side dome 33 meters in height, has a central 42 m, with crosses placed over them. North and south facades are decorated with galleries as picturesque ornaments finish the edges of polyhedral pyramidal tents with gold bulbs and put a cross. On the west side stands an impressive bell tower below it are four arches, ending with peaked pyramid and crucifix. Richly decorated with embossed designs and inscriptions seventeen bells weigh over 20 tonnes, the weight of the largest are 11,643 kg. Over 10 are set gilt metal cross with a copper plate, the highest among them is 4.5 meters. The temple has a fabulous ceramic decorations, friezes depict birds and plants, white stone details contrast with the red background of the brick walls of the building and transmit fresh colorful look.

  Interior of which equals the external force of the impact and charm, stands the magnificent iconostasis is made of lime wood with exquisite carvings, there are 83 built-in icons, made by monks from Mount Athos Russian monastery located in Mount Athos used a cypress tree, then completion is gilded iconostasis. During the lighting ceremony at the Memorial Church, the church received a donation of valuable icons, ancient religious books, manuscripts and valuable relics. The painting of the temple is done in two stages, is initiated by the Russian artist P.Myasoedov professor in 1902. and it ends only 1959. team led by painter N.Rostovtsev. The murals not only depict biblical scenes, and canonized by the Orthodox Church, Russian and Bulgarian celebrities, among them images of the brothers Cyril and Methodius. Under the church has built a crypt formed two galleries are located 17 stone sarcophagus with the bones of soldiers killed in battle at Shipka. Memorial marble memorial contains 34 plates of which are capped in gold letters the names of those who died for the freedom of our homeland and warriors so become immortal in history. Temple named "Christmas" because the last major battle took place in the days of the festival officially opened in September 1902. When celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Shipka epic.

   Temple - monument was built by the Russian state in 1934 and was donated to Bulgaria. The flow of visitors to this sanctuary does not subside, come to worship self-sacrificing heroism, many guests from Russia, having lost their lives near here, thousands of Bulgarians and Russian tourists want to experience enduring historical memory increasing is the number of foreign attract tourists not only from the fateful historical events, but also architectural and artistic value of the monument and the surrounding scenic countryside.

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iliq kolev, 17.04.2013


Имя, Фамилия, 27.10.2015

Апартаменты Гостевой Дом Рождество в Барвихе это нечто! Номера уютные. Порадовал недавний ремонт. Парковка сделана немного не удобно, узнаете когда будете там.

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