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Temple monument "Alexander Nevsky" - Sofia

Author: Л. Иванова, 927 metres From Sofia.    , GPS coordinates: N 42.6957963    E 23.3328071
Temple monument "Alexander Nevsky" - Sofia, Picture

  Cathedral "St. Alexander Nevski" is the largest Orthodox church in the country (3170 square meters area) was built in the city center as a symbol of the liberation of Bulgaria from Ottoman rule centuries. On March 3, 1882 was officially laid the foundation stone of the temple and its decision to build was taken two years earlier - in 1880 by the Constituent Assembly in Turnovo (first released in the National Assembly of Bulgaria).

  The temple was designed, built and painted jointly by Russian and Bulgarian, and the funds are collected for the Bulgarian people with voluntary donations. The name of the temple was chosen in honor of the heavenly protector of Russia and the Russian Tsar Alexander II (the Liberator Tsar of the Bulgarians) that lived in the 13th century Alexander Nevsky Yaroslavich First, a symbol of Russia's fighting spirit.

  Bulgarian architect Academician Ivan Bogomolov wrote the first draft of the temple, but he died suddenly and the work was awarded to Professor Alexander Pomerantsev known Russian architect It delivers a completely new design in neo-byzantine style and in 1904 began construction of a temple. The building was completed in 1912 and is a cross basilica, with its main dome is 45 meters high and around the main circle of the dome with a thin gold letters is written prayer "Our Father." In painting, obzavezhdanet and construction of interior involved a lot of Bulgarian, Russian and even Italian and German craftsmen and artists. For the decoration of the church are used Brazilian onyx, alabaster, Italian marble and others. Luminaries were brought from Munich, the doors were commissioned in Vienna. The belfry of the cathedral is 53 meters high, its bells were cast in Moscow and 12 in number. In 1924 the church "St. Alexander Nevsky "is a monument of culture.


  With icons from the church Historical and Archaeological Museum at the Theological Faculty of the University is set based on the specific iconographic exhibition of the Art Gallery in Sofia, after which expansion can be found in the crypt of the cathedral "St. Alexander Nevsky."

This crypt was never used as intended, namely as the burial place of kings. Bold idea of ​​holding her unique images of Orthodox art was conceived more than 45 years and today, the Crypt is the most popular museum exhibitions in the country, draws thousands of tourists, including many high-ranking delegations and is beautiful section of the National Art Gallery. Exhibits from the crypt participate in all major exhibitions of early Christian and Byzantine art in the world.


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