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Art Gallery "Nikola Manov" - Chirpan

, 1.4 km From Chirpan.    , Адрес: Chirpan, ул. Тане Пеев 7
Art Gallery "Nikola Manov" - Chirpan, Picture

 Nicolas Manov is a Bulgarian artist who was born in Chirpan, graduated Sofia Art School. Digested painting in France, was adopted in the class of Maurice Brianchon the French Academy of Fine Arts in 1962., So to establish long to live in Paris and works in a studio in Ile Saint Louis, but the tray does not prevent him from traveling and gaining experience and impressions of the beauty and uniqueness of many paradises in the world. His success as an artist show made numerous exhibitions throughout Swat, about 137 were solo exhibitions and participated in group exhibitions and biennials, over three thousand of his works enrich the collections of famous museums in over 30 countries, representing interest and private collectors. His exceptional talent and skill made him famous in the country and abroad. In 2008, already an academician of the Bulgarian Academy of Science and Arts.

  In his works of art is separated much of the mystical and enchanting, the sails have different messages, stories are diverse, dominated landscapes, nature of Algeria, Tunisia, Mexico, but is devoted mainly to the unique natural creations in Bulgaria, his other favorite topic is romance of France. Nicolas as a true patriot Manov contributes to the cultural development of his hometown Chirpan in 2000. attractive buys Revival house is transformed into a gallery. The old house is located in the city center with a courtyard house of Peyo Yavorov and is now owned by the municipality. The artist donated in January along with a collection of 40 paintings from different periods of his work. They become the basis of exposure to which is added to other artists paintings, arranged in three halls. As a curator of the gallery, ready to give details about the incredible artist. Building with large welcoming courtyard was built a century and a half of Turkish Bey is still called "House of the governor" is surrounded by lush fragrant vegetation present magnificent green boxwood, comfortable cobblestone path connects the two houses. World-renowned artist made another donation by dividing by ten fine natural diamonds taken from the waters of the Orinoco River Brazil, donated by another prominent Bulgarian Iliya Delev found in Brazil. So many visitors to the gallery are able to enjoy their sparkling luster.

  Gallery is associated with various cultural events in the city and support the development of young artists. Every year in September celebrations are held under the motto "Festival of the Free Spirit" led in. We organize festivals and events with foreign participation, have the opportunity to express themselves and talented Bulgarians, the best are awarded prizes. The activity of the gallery "Nikola Manov" is complemented by a municipal art gallery founded in 1991g.v Tyankova house is exposed paintings, prints, sculpture. Periodically visit temporary exhibitions of local artists and collections from other galleries, gives lectures related to art, to seek out valuable works that enriched fund in.

Gallery with Nicola Manov house of Peyo Yavorov are among the hundred tourist sites in Bulgaria.

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