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Historical place Oborishte

Author: Таня Димитрова, 10 km From Panagyurishte.    , GPS coordinates: N 42.5051039    E 24.1887617
Historical place Oborishte, Picture

  No Bulgarian who does not worship the fate of the Bulgarians, who died with honor. The historic site is located approximately 7 km northwest of Panagyurishte, cuddled in the bosom of the Central Forest. Here in the spring of 1876 hosted the First Grand National Assembly, which is headed by prominent George Benkovski. Izdignatiyat 1928 monument bears the names for all the participants and recalled the heroism of the Bulgarian people. The site is part of a hundred tourist site of the Bulgarian Tourist Union. I can not feel Bulgarian, grounded more in Panagyurishte. The atmosphere they conquered and bowing their heads before the people only sacrifice for victory, justice, purity of heart and loyalty to the motherland.

    Northeast Oborishte is surrounded by an array of peak Razslatitsa, the northwest - from Boykov Ridge, south - from Pladnishteto terrain, hill-slope and Turkolovitsa. Dozens of Thracian mounds testify to the tribes who once lived in these lands. In one of them - the mound "Marble" was discovered burial of a Thracian ruler from the IV - III century BC, not far from it in 1949 opened the world - famous, nowadays Panagyurishte treasure. It is a nine-court - four rhytons shape of animal heads, three pitchers in the shape of the head of the Amazon, an amphora with handles in the shape of centaurs and a phial are richly decorated with relief images of scenes from mythology. This unique service is for the most interesting monument of art found in Thrace. Acquired its name from the small town fair, which took place on the riverbank. In the years of Ottoman rule, the historic city was officially calling for soldier settlement. It followed a number of privileges as the right of self-exemption from certain taxes. This town developed somewhat and keeps hope alive in people. Each era has its story. Every age creates its own heroes to preserve the memory of himself. And people honoring each year, bringing the grateful descendants of this place to commemorate the victims of the April uprising. Why should not forget why we are and why Bulgarians are proud of it. Why should not bow their heads before the difficulties of fortune. But do you have it, even unconsciously - Panagyurishte will always remain silent battle cries ... its ours.

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