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Historical Museum - Dimitrovgrad

Author: , 4.9 km From Dimitrovgrad.    , Адрес: Dimitrovgrad, ул. Св.Климент Охридски 7, GPS coordinates: N 42.0574263    E 25.5960363
Historical Museum - Dimitrovgrad, Picture

 Dimitrovgrad is a remarkable city offspring of the ideals of a generation is built with inspiration and faith in the bright future promised to them. Fruit is the original identity and the enthusiasm of talented artists.

The exhibits in the halls of history museum Dimitrovgrad track recent history of our country, the steps of city building, creating and ideology of the brigade movement will come closer to an already past time for some nostalgia for other bearing interest and bewilderment, but this is an important part of our history, dreams and hopes of economic development and economic prosperity of our country. Authentic ethnographic collections introduced to the life, customs and traditions peculiar to this region. Museum was founded in 1951 as a "Museum of socialist construction" in order to document the creation and growth of a new city, the first permanent exhibition was established in 1954. and reflects the socio-economic and cultural life in Dimitrovgrad under construction. For Bulgaria this is the first such museum, 1963. its name was changed to "County Museum of socialist construction" and begins to reflect the socio-political life of Haskovo county to export data for the development of agriculture, industry, health, cultural and educational activities, achievements in sport, the exposure has been updated. Museum several times changed names and layout until 1998 when it became the Historical Museum Dimitrovgrad with two departments, "Modern and Contemporary History" and "Ethnography", over the years the fund is continually enriched collect and store important documents, materials and effects of the different stages. Are exhibited in three halls, two are reserved for the permanent exhibition, the third show temporary exhibitions on various topics. In the first hall meeting, kept alive the memory of the ideals and mistakes of the brigade movement in the period 1946-1988 year, maps and photographs are labeled sites built with voluntary labor brigade, their high employment success and ranks among the substances are material flags awards, business inventory. The second room is devoted to the city, has three villages Rakovski Mariino and Tchernokonevo united in 1947, has described their history, the period of World War II, has recreated the chronology of events happening in the city, its growth in the socio-economic and political significance dominance culturally and spiritually and international events. Established in 2003. third room is used for visiting exhibitions and themed to traditional Bulgarian holidays - Christmas, Easter, Baba Marta is doing ethnographic picturesque attractions that refreshes mostly photographs and documentary material in the museum. In 2010, the hall is open "Archaeology" with artifacts from prehistoric and medieval settlements and necropolises discovered in the vicinity. In the same complex located in the city center is city library "Penyo Sample" and the House of technique. Dimitrovgrad is the birthplace of the poet whose works are inspired by the time of the socialist construction of his life and work is dedicated to discoveries in the House-museum city "Penyo Sample." Remarkable works of Bulgarian art were collected at the Art Gallery "P.Churchuliev" interesting tourist attraction in town is the Astronomic Observatory and Planetarium Giordano Bruno.

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