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Yambol History Museum

Author: П. Я. , 3.5 km From Yambol.    , Адрес: Yambol, ул. Бяло море 2, GPS coordinates: N 42.4833833    E 26.5079498
Yambol History Museum, Picture

  Local intellectuals began to collect materials to make detailed studies of historical events took place in this intriguing region. Idea to create a historical museum gives Professor Peter Noikov, the first museum collection is displayed in triklasnoto male school in the city in 1886. Formed by lovers of archeology in 1926., Archaeological Society "Diampolis" which works to polarize historical and ethnographic wealth of Yambol and the region. Collected by the company materials are kept to 1936. Yambol in teaching high school, then moved to the library. With the official opening on 2 June 1953. Museum opens its doors to guests, such as museum curator with the revolutionary movement Dacheva Veneta. The exhibits were originally divided into three departments - history, which includes the historical development of Yambol end of antiquity to his 1944., The second-unit building socialism tells of the time after 1944. There Natural Division. Museum collections are constantly enriched and grow to employ additional specialists and led to the formation of today's historical museum with separate four departments "Archaeology", including funds from the "Prehistory", "Antiquity," "Middle Ages" and "Numismatics" to " Bulgarian lands from 15-19 century "refer" Renaissance "and" Ethnography "," Modern and Contemporary History "section and" Public Relations ". The museum operates a studio, performing restoration and conservation activities. The museum include over 90 000 exhibits introduced a computer processing of samples rich collections are covered in an internal computer network, some of the exhibits are especially valuable.

  In sector "Prehistory" presented material and spiritual culture of the ancient state population along the river Tunja from 7th millennium BC to the early Iron Age about 11 thousand years before Christ, the exhibits are from the early Neolithic, Chalcolithic, Bronze, Iron Age, are exposed pottery, cult objects, tools of stone, bone, horn, and the later period, metal, bronze, iron and Eneolithic era of greater value are horny sickle bust of a man with a beard, fine clay figurines, bronze knife dagger rare stone scepters. "Antiquity" is presented with findings from Thracian, Roman and early Byzantine era, highlights the eagle statue of marble, glass anthropomorphic image of an elderly woman, votive tablets with the image of the Thracian Horseman, unique gold jewelery, solid gold fibula. Fund to the "Middle Ages" has over 2000 antique relics brought after the excavations of the medieval town near Yambol, medieval monastery complex near the village of Water, ancient cemeteries in the villages Karavelovo, Dobroselets-art belt buckles and trims, medieval jewelry, various crosses, here is the pot with gold leaf. Most impressive is the numismatic collection exceeds over 6,500 priceless pieces of bronze, silver and gold coins from the 4th century BC to the present, are preserved and antique leaded commercial seals. Ethnography is the most attractive part of the museum, it reflects the spirit of the Renaissance, you will discover in all its diversity, distinctive costumes and original characteristic of the tissue near Yambol in the 19th century, among them attend and beautiful decorations, gorgeous jewelery, wonderful tobacco tins , tools and objects used in crafts. "New history" dates from 1878. to 1944., store rich pictures and documents from the period after liberation, has the most numerous fund comprising exposition, numbers more than 1,000 physical materials, among them photographs of the old town of Yambol. We come to the "recent history" covering the history of the region after 9 September until today, shows the economic, political and cultural development of the area through valuable models of culture and creativity.

  Organized many exhibitions, are issued a number of scientific publications and historical data, the museum has its own editions of the magazine and newspaper "News of Yambol museum." On the museum and help donors, the fund continues to grow from the relics that continue to be received as a result of neprekratenite archaeological excavations in the prehistoric mound near the village of Drama and the famous tourist attraction - the ancient city of Kabyle. Carry out a number of international symposia and national conferences spreading history of the region.

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